He’s one to talk

In light of the horrendous shooting in Aurora Colorado, Mexico’s president Felipe Calderon has said that the US needs to review its mistaken legislation on guns. He says our gun laws are hurting everyone, meaning Mexico.

Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. I think, as do about 500 million more Americans, that he needs to clean up his own country before even thinking about making a comment about ours. Let’s see, he does nothing to help enforce immigration laws, in fact he is helping Obama advertise food stamps in Mexico, showing his citizens they get free stuff for coming here. Meanwhile he is doing nothing to stop the ever-increasing flow of drugs coming into the US. He keeps blaming us for allowing the crime from his country coming here.

We have places in our country, like Arizona, where Mexican drug cartels now claim as their own. I don’t see Calderon doing anything about that. Yet he’ll cry about our gun laws, yeah well clean up your own country first.

The Second Amendment is an AMERICAN constitutional right, not a Mexican, nor a UN right. It is our right, and I say every other country can go kick rocks, especially if they have a higher crime rate than we do, cause apparently they suck at policing themselves.


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