Arresting a criminal gets an ICE agent suspended


An 18 year veteran of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has been issued a notice of suspension for arresting an illegal alien. This agent who was not named was watching a vehicle belonging to a known criminal alien target, he and his partner noticed a man getting into the vehicle and they apprehended the subject. It turns out the subject was not who they were looking for, but he was another illegal alien who had 10 previous violations including driving with out a license. The agent decided to charge the illegal alien and let the judge decide what to do, in other words the agent did his job.

Instead of the illegal alien going to a judge, the acting field director ordered the agent to release the subject, then went on to tell the illegal alien he was going to be released because he – “WAS NOT A PRESIDENTIAL PRIORITY!” Wait, what? Why is the president even being brought into this case, the illegal alien is breaking the law, a law which the president swore to uphold and defend, oh wait I forgot Obama doesn’t care about the law all he cares about is reelection and deporting this guy would lose him a vote.

So the acting field director ordered the ICE agent to release the illegal alien and the agent said no. On July 19th the Agent was issued a notice of proposed suspension for “failing to  follow supervisory instructions, when you arrested a non-targeted alien who did not appear to meet any of the ICE priorities.” A memorandum from Assistant Field Office Director David O’Neill, written the morning of the incident, reveals that the officers were told to release the subject even though he was in the country illegally. So if it’s the ICE Agents job to arrest illegal aliens, but they get in trouble for doing their job why are they even still a government agency? Seriously if the Obama administration is not going to allow them to enforce the law why even keep them around? No I do not want ICE shut down, just the opposite I want the Obama administration to let them do their job and arrest and deport illegal aliens, I was just making a point.

This ICE agent has been on the job for 18 years, doing his job well, and now is in trouble for doing just that. As a result of disobeying the order to release a known criminal, the officer faces a three-day suspension and could ultimately lose his job and pension if he arrests another illegal not on the Obama administration’s priority list. In essence if he does his job he will be fired and lose everything, however, if he just sits back and steals a paycheck he’ll not only keep his job, but in all likely hood get promoted, keep his pension and his benefits, and not get in trouble. Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

Our country has been broken, and it has been done by the very man elected to protect our country. Obama has done what no other person could, he has successfully found a way to destroy America, and every one who voted for him is letting it happen, and if you vote for him again you vote for the death of America. Stand up and tell him no more, November 6, 2012 the day we take back our country.

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