This upsets me to no end

Nova Sosa claims to be a Soldier in the Army reserves in an Military Police unit in New York. He also claims he’s an up and coming musician who is not in in the music game to make money, he says he gives his music away for free. I have no way of knowing how much of this is true. I have seen his Facebook page, you can see it here:  if you want to.

The problem I have with this person who I have come to find out whose real name is Brandon Davis is the following pictures:

I know that in the civilian world the Stolen Valor Act has been shot down in the courts, but in the Military it is still against the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the UCMJ, to wear unearned medals, awards, decorations or rank. As you can see he has jackets depicting awards, medals, decorations, patches, and ranks from all Military services, which is illegal, and then there is the picture of him wearing the jacket with the Marine corps NCO stripes on it with Marine Corps medals and awards. He says he is wearing the awards as an honor to his friends in the Military. He claims he wears the Purple Heart to honor his friends wounded in combat, I take personal offense to this. I have lost brothers in combat, and I would never disrespect their memory by wearing an award they sacrificed their lives for, as this classless individual calls it “fashion.”

What makes this Stolen Valor so much more vile is the fact this person is a Soldier, and he’s spitting on every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, and Coast Guardsman that has ever come before him and has earned the medals this person is wearing as fashion to sell records. I urge each and every one of you guys to go and check out his Facebook page and then tell him exactly how much he is disrespecting the memory and honor of the true warriors who have gone before him.


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