Seperation of Church and State has gone too far

I understand that we should not have a theocratic government. I know we do not need to have a total 10 commandment, hell fire and brimstone judgement system. But to go so far as to take every last bit of religious symbolism out of society is wrong. I like walking past Buildings and seeing memorials, especially Fire Departments and Police Departments, crosses, and even stars of David, showing remembrance of the fallen.

But there are Atheists who are trying to do away with these symbols of remembrance because it offends them.. They say that having a cross on public land is embracing Catholicism. They are threatening lawsuits all over the country to take down all crosses. Well the lack of crosses offends me, so should I sue to keep them there? But then where does it end?

The latest in the atheist’s attacks on the cross comes in the Freedom From Religion Foundations demand that the Woonsocket Rhode Island Fire Hall remove a memorial to World War I and II be removed. Read the article here. Are they so against religion that they will take away our ability to remember those who have fought for us? We need to stop this now.


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