Another example of a Wounded Warrior getting mistreated

Army Staff Sergeant Chad Staples was paralyzed from the waste down while deployed to Iraq in 2007. He stayed at a Best Western in Monahans Texas on. He paid $289 for a room. The next day when he was leaving he found that the elevator was not working. He called the front desk for help and was laughed at and demeaned. When he asked for help getting down stairs he was told they couldn’t help him because of liability issues. In order for Chad to get down stairs he had to throw his bags and his wheel chair down the stairs then crawl down on his ass. Read the story here.

Yes I am pissed at the way they treated Chad, not only because he is a combat veteran, but that is no way to treat any disabled person. How are you going to give a person in a wheel chair a room on the second floor, and then not help them down when the elevator is broken? That is just plain incompetence. And the BS the Best Western corporate office pulled by putting the blame on their “independent owners and operators,” is wrong. You own the corporation, they are franchisees they answer to you. By shirking your duty to hold them responsible just shows the lack of concern for the customer.

I for one will not stay at a Best Western again. If they can’t be bothered to help a fellow Soldier, one who has given so much for this country, I can’t be bothered to give them my money.

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