Happy birthday Brian.

Today would have been Brian Terry’s 42nd birthday. He should be celebrating it with his family. Instead his family is suffering from the hole his death has left in them. It would be sad if his death was due to natural causes. Yet his death was anything but natural, and his family still cannot get straight answers from the government. Brian Terry was a Border Patrol Agent in Nogales Arizona, when he was shot while conducting a mission to arrest Mexican criminals operating on American soil. Brian Terry died on December 15th 2010. What makes his death all the more tragic is the fact that the gun used to kill him was supplied to Mexican drug cartels as part of an Obama and Eric Holder approved gun walking operation named Fast and Furious. An operation both Obama and Holder deny any knowledge of, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Obama has gone as far as exerting Executive Privilege over the release of documents relating to the operation, and he has even blamed George Bush for a similar operation under his presidency. The only problem was that operation Wide Receiver, as it was known under bush, had some very distinct differences, one being that all the guns used in Wide Receiver had locator chips in them, those in Fast and Furious did not, when Bush found out that the cartels were removing the chips he stopped Wide Receiver, and the biggest difference Wide Receiver resulted in ZERO deaths attributed to the guns  used in it, Fast and Furious has resulted in the death of Border Agent Brian Terry and at last count over 300 Mexican Civilians.

I wish you a happy birthday Brian, you were a Sheep Dog until the end.

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