Fallen Heroes

I am back, it’s been awhile I know, but I finally got a new computer, and what a week to come back too. This week was a roller coaster of emotions for our country. We honored those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks 11 years ago, we honored the memory of those who rushed into the burning towers to help rescue those trapped inside. We also honored the memory of the brave men and women of the Armed Forces who have given their lives defending our country. On a happy note we celebrated the death of the mastermind of those attacks at the hands of our most elite warriors, Navy DEVGRU,also known as SeAL Team 6.

As we honored those lost and celebrated those who are carrying on we were attacked yet again. This time the Islamic fanatics used some obscure d-rate movie that attacked their holy prophet as the excuse to use violence against us. Yet that is wrong, these attacks were planned in advance. They were another terrorist attack trying to strike fear in us. This time they killed 4 Americans who were in their country to help them. They killed and reportedly raped the American ambassador to Libya Mr. J Christopher Stevens, and killed his information officer Sean Smith, and 2 former Nay SeALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. American heroes who went into a foreign country to help them. It is reported that Glen and Tyrone were there to help disarm rebels who continued their violence after the rebellion.

These Americans lay dead and what does our president do? He and his administration apologize for Americas insensitivity to the Muslim faith. His first tweet after the attack was to ask for donations and to help his fundraising. Our Commander In Chief is more concerned with his getting reelected than he is with handing out justice to those who attacked our sovereign soil and killed our fellow citizens. Yeah he talks a good game with all his we are resolute in our pursuit of those responsible, yet he spends the days following this horrendous attack in Las Vegas campaigning and trying to convince us he needs more time to “fix” America, which his policies are destroying.

During what should have been a somber day of reflection and remembrance, we were attacked, and our government is doing nothing to bring those responsible to justice, and worse is they are actively denying our Marines guarding our embassies overseas the right to defend themselves. The state department has refused to allow the Marine guards to carry ammunition to defend themselves. This is unacceptable.

I am not nor will I ever be embarrassed to be an American, I am however embarrassed to have the current president in office. He is actively destroying our country and if he gets reelected he will finish the job.