A solution to the security problem

I see people calling for stricter gun laws, taking away the guns from the law-abiding citizens because the actions of an evil few. So does that mean we take cars away from every one because of drunk drivers, or knives away from everyone because of people like Jeffery Dahmer, or do we take fertilizer away from farmers because of Timothy McVeigh? Of course not because those inanimate objects did not kill on their own it was the human behind them. I also hear people calling to arm our teachers so they can protect the children. I do not agree with this. Making someone have a gun is never a good thing, because one- they may not like guns, two- they may not truly train with those guns, and that’s just as dangerous, three- people who do not want to use a gun will leave it at home. Arming our teachers is not the answer.

Then what is the answer you ask, simple provide an armed security force of trained and dedicated people to help prevent these attacks in the future. And where do we get these, “highly trained” individuals, simple we already have them, there are thousands of Veterans from the Military without a job, they are looking but the jobs are not there. The reason is simple, these Veterans do not have what people call “marketable” skills, but they do have skills, skills the average American citizen does not have. They train their whole careers for security, providing it, training people to do it, and living it. Plus these Veterans have already proven their love for this country and our citizens by volunteering to join the Military during a time of war, and going of to a foreign land to protect our country. Who better to provide security for our children, our greatest treasure? And yes I know you’re thinking about those  “evil, PTSD ridden soldiers” well guess what,l more of our returning veterans are mentally stable and able to continue protecting our country.

There are also an untapped resource we can look too, the retired Military and Law Enforcement group. They retired for one reason or another, yet they still have the ability to protect us.

So before you call for stricter gun control, which has been proven ineffective in reducing crime, even helpful to criminals, lets look at ways to defend against these people without taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

2 thoughts on “A solution to the security problem

  1. I’m a 100% disabled vet. I would love to offer my time to this cause. I’m not even considering being paid. The payment would be knowing my communities children are safe. If anyone has any type of information to where we can do this please let me know. be.Eubanks@gmail.com

    • I have been talking to a lot of my vet and former law enforcement friends and they say the same thing, they would do it even if they don’t get paid. I am working up a business plan right now.

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