Who is confused by the Second Amendment

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a FREE State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

For those who do not know that is the Second Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America as written in the Bill of rights. Second only to free speech, religion and press. Why I ask was it placed so high in the Bill of Rights? Because our founding fathers knew that the government could not protect everyone every minute of every day. And if you read the wording of it you would understand why they felt it necessary to put in the constitution and why they placed it so high.

Lets look at it piece by piece:

A well-regulated Militia. That’s an easy part to understand right? Wrong. When most people think of a Militia they think of some wannabe playing soldier on the weekend, planning for the violent overthrow of their government, which is wrong. A Militia is a defense activity or service to protect its community, territory, property or laws. It is a group of volunteers who protect their community, that is all.They protect their community and it’s people.

Being necessary to the security of a free state. This means the Militia is a key component of keeping a state free. Now State has many meanings, it could be used to mean the whole country, or a normal state, or a group of people standing together. To get the full meaning of this portion of the amendment we need to look at the word as used by our founding fathers, back in 1775 they used the word state to refer to the whole of the people living in the colonies hoping to gain independence from the tyrannical British. So today using their example it means the whole country. They knew the federal government that they hadn’t even put in place yet could not be trusted to keep the people free. They knew we would need citizens, law-abiding citizens to help keep us free. And not only free from tyranny that we had been crushing us but also to help keep every day people free from the criminal element, because lets face it as great as our Police are there are not enough of them to patrol every house every minute of every day, the average response time of Police to a crime is about 4 minutes, and a lot can happen on 4 minutes.

The right to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. What this says is that every one who is governed by the Constitution has the right to have weapons, and that those rights shall not be taken away or impeded upon by the government. Simply put, we have the right, not the privilege as many of today’s politicians believe, to own weapons. I know what you’re thinking, “What about convicted criminals, the mentally unstable and so forth and so on” Well I believe every American citizen is born with the right to bear arms, that being said that right can be stripped away by violating the very laws and people the Second Amendment is there to protect, a criminal by choosing to break the law says he/she does not believe in the law and therefore does not believe in the Constitution on which those laws were founded so there goes their rights. As for those deemed mentally unstable, of course I would not want them walking around with a gun, the same way I would not want them driving a car, flying a plane. practicing medicine, or being in law enforcement, how ever I don’t make that decision it is made by people who have a lot more schooling than me.

As I hear on the news the debate of why we have the Second Amendment and why we “need” to have weapons it disturbs me to my very soul. Why because the founding fathers who were a lot smarter it seems than politicians today knew the dangers that we would be facing and the made sure to address them. I hear the talking heads saying the founding fathers were talking about muskets not modern “assault” weapons, oh really? Cause I thought muskets were the modern assault rifles of their day. And no where in the amendment does it say to keep and bear Arms to fight the government, it says “Being necessary to the security of a free state'” to me that includes our home town streets, our communities, our homes. If every law-abiding citizen was allowed to carry their legally obtained and registered fire arm inside and outside the house, at every location in the US, we would no longer hear of these mass shootings and crime waves. If more people had legal guns on them, these petty, punk ass criminals that did these evil things would either think twice about doing it, or be stopped as soon as they start the crime. This is the security of a free state the founding fathers were talking about.


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