Yeah cause guns are the problem

Chinese man attacks 22 children with a knife.  I am so glad he didn’t have a gun, people could have gotten hurt.

When people say “Well if there were no guns no one would hurt anyone,” it just makes them look like jack asses. If there were no guns people will still get hurt. Or have they forgotten what war was like up until the 1500’s. People used swords, knives, dagger, axes, spears, and even rocks to kill their enemy. And how do you think people were assassinated prior to guns, YES people were assassinated, have you forgotten about Japans Ninja’s and India’s Thugees, from which we get the word thug which we associate with criminals today.

And then there is the middle east, where we have this video of a 12-year-old child beheading some one while being cheered on by the adults. Tell me again how taking my guns away will stop this violence.

According to the FBI violent crimes dropped for the fifth year in a row, read it here. Wait how could this happen? Gun Nazis swore that when the assault weapons ban ended in 2004 we would be overrun by violent gun crimes committed with assault rifles.

People say guns commit cause murder, really wow, cause in the United States in 2011 there were 9,369 murders committed with guns. While there are over 52 million legal gun owners in the United States. Wow take those guns away from us legal owners, cause we are sooo bad. How about instead of just looking at how many guns were used in those crimes we look at how many legal gun owners committed those crimes. I would post statistics on it but I can’t find any, when the dem/libtards in power here gun crime they automatically assign blame to the gun, which should show their ignorance. In 2011 10,228 people were killed by drunk drivers. Read the report here. Why aren’t the dem/libtards calling for taking away cars, or alcohol, they are just as inanimate as a gun until the person using them decides to break the law.

Wake up an inanimate object does not murder or hurt people, it is the HUMAN who is operating those objects. How about instead of taking my rights away we use me and my rights to solve the problem. It makes more sense to me.


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