Lets get our priorities straight America

Yes it is a tragedy that 20 children were killed in Newton Connecticut. Anytime a child dies it is a tragedy. But instead of trying to take away my rights because of the actions of a deranged evil man, why don’t we talk about something more important. Did you know that right now there are 16 million children with out enough food to eat? Did you also know that there are 1.6 homeless children? Yup you read that right 16 million under nourished children and 1.6 million homeless children. Yes lets grieve the loss of the 20 children who were killed by an evil man, but what about the other children in imminent danger?

So instead of looking at ways to erode the rights of the law-abiding citizens, why don’t we look at trying to take care of our homeless and hungry children. Instead of wasting time and money trying to destroy our constitution, why don’t we spend that time and money trying to help those who are still here and can be helped? There are hundreds of ways you can help those children who are still here. You can volunteer to help at a local food pantry, you can organize local food drives for your community, you can get involved with habitats for humanity, organize donations of food and clothing to help the children, there are so many ways everyone can help.

We need to get our United States government to help our children first. Instead of Obama sending $56 billion over seas in foreign aid why don’t we get him to spend that money here at home. For $56 billion dollars we could feed all those hungry children, give home to those homeless children, and still have enough left over to help out the homeless and hungry adults in the country. And we’d still have enough left over to provide armed security guards for our schools so that we would never have a repeat the tragedy at Andy Hook Elementary.

Instead of us taking care of the world why don’t we take care of our country first. Some people say isolationism isn’t the answer, well in this world where the terrorists are now garnering sympathy, and our president has pretty much destroyed any friendships we had with other countries we’re already on the way there, so we might as well control it before we end up subservient to an unfriendly government.



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