Molon Labe: Come and Take Them

       Come and Take Them

Come and Take Them


When Leonidas and his 300 Spartans faced the overwhelming force of Xerxes army, a messenger came to Leonidas and demanded he and his army lat down their weapons Leonidas told him, “Molon Labe!”

In its original form it is written as, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, and it is pronounced,”mo’ lon la’ ve. In the face of sure defeat the Spartans led by Leonidas did not lay down their arms and accept slavery from the Prussian Army of Xerxes, instead they held their ground taking with them almost 100,000 of Xerxes men. That is an accomplishment never to be sen again, it was an impressive 3333 to 1 loss ratio in favor of the Spartans.

Molon Labe, a motto we need to revive. We need to let the government know we will not give up our right to bear arms, we will not let them take away our right to self-defense. We need to tell people like Diane Feinstein that she can not take our weapons, especially since she herself has stated she carried a hand gun for self-defense. We will not sit still while the Department of Homeland security procures 450 million rounds of ammunition and 2000 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, yes the same vehicles the Military is using in Afghanistan to protect them from road side bombs, and while the National Weather Service procures 46 thousand rounds of the same ammunition, and we will not sit by while the IRS spends $1.2 million on new shotguns and pistols, we will not give up our right to bear arms while our government is spending record amounts on new weapons and ammunition.

Why does the Weather Service need ammunition? What do they have to protect, the fact that global warming is in fact a myth? And just why does the IRS need new weapons now? Do they realize the illegality of the taxes they are now collecting in the name of a corrupt and illegal president?

This is the scary part about what is going on, why does Homeland, whose sole jurisdiction is the United States, need 450 million rounds of ammunition and what the hell do they need 2000 bomb proof trucks for, what are they scared of? I’ll tell you what they are scared of, they are scared of us, yes us. They are scared that as soon as they start enacting all of the Executive Orders the president has signed giving the government power over all goods, services, water, communications, and launching Martial Law, sending his opponents and those who speak out against him into internment camps, that we will fight back. They know we as Patriots will not sit back and just accept this. And we shouldn’t, we should revive the fighting spirit our Founding Fathers and take back our country from the Tyrannical government they warned us about and that they wrote the Constitution to fight.

Molon Labe, it is more than a motto, it is a declaration of freedom, it is a warning that we will not sit back and let the government take not only our weapons but our freedoms. Molon Labe, come and take them, it also warns them we will not give them up with out a fight.