We need more people like this

We recently learned about horrendous government abuses of power, our own government spying on our phone calls, emails, and our social media accounts. Under the guise of national security the National Security Agency has for years been looking at the private communications of our very own citizens, not the Islamic terrorists they claim to be targeting.
Well one person had decided that we the people deserved to know what our elected officials were doing to us, his name is Ed Snowden and he was an analyst first at the NSA, then at the Central Intelligence Agency, where he was one of those individuals the government gave the power to wire tap or eavesdrop on us with out a warrant and without due process. Well Ed decided he had enough of our government trampling on our constitution and taking away our privacy, he took action reminiscent of our founding fathers, he gave up a 200k dollar a year job, and is risking spending the better part of the rest of his life in jail to let us know about “Operation Prism,” the government collection of our private communications. He did this not for fame or fortune, he did it because he believes the government over stepped its constitutional authority by secretly and without cause began this type of behavior.
Before anyone says, “well what about Bradley Manning, he did what he felt was right!” No Manning disclosed top-secret and above classified information in an attempt to hurt as many American service members as he could in retribution for the Army kicking him out due to behavioral problems. Manning did what he did purely out of spite to hurt America, for no other reason. He was a petty individual who could not take the punishment for his blatant and repeated violation of Army regulations.
We need more people like Ed Snowden to stand up against what has become the most corrupt presidency in the history of our country. I stand with him and will not rest until we have our once great country back. Are you with me?

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