The Islamification of the world is happening….

There is a despicable trend happening in Europe that soon may spread to the United States, there is a blind eye being turned towards the brutal gang rape of white women by Muslim immigrants and refugees. Read a shocking account of this barbarism here (
This gruesome crime is not being reported and when it is it is being misreported. In Europe a woman was brutally gang raped and it was reported that the suspects were an Asian gang, when in reality all the rapists were of Pakistani and Afghan origin, and they were all refugees relocated there.
Yes I said refugees, Muslim refugees, you know like the thousands of Muslim refugees Phalanx wants to relocate here from Syria. Yeah those kind of refugees. Our president is authorizing the relocation of these savages right into our own backyard. If you have any ideas that these people can come here and live peaceably google Muslim crime in Derlarbornistan, I mean Dearborn Michigan. You’ll find lovely stories such as the “AMERICAN” Muslims stone Christians in Dearborn MI, and Christians jailed for preaching to Muslims. And Obama wants to voluntarily relocate thousands of these savages here, where they will live off government hand outs and our tax dollars will pay for them to commit crimes.
Wake up America, this is happening right now, unless we stop it. The time is now to stop the Islamification of our country before it is too late.

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