Stage 2 of the Islamification of the world has begun

I have been warning about the Islamification of the world for a while now, and I am positive it is now in stage 2 of 3 stages. The stages of Jihad are:
Stage 1 the weakened stage, this stage entails Islamists feel powerless and too few in numbers to impact real change, this time is used to influence the debate and affect the conversation about Islam, Islamists use propaganda and politics.
Stage 2 the preparation stage, this stage entails the Muslims gaining numbers, influence and power, Islamists have built relationships, infiltrate organizations, and begin making demands, Islamists use financing, propaganda, and politics.
Stage 3 the violet stage, this stage entails Islamists being empowered and taking over either as they did by elections in Lebanon, Gaza, Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt or by stealth means as they are doing in “NO-GO” zones in Muslim enclaves in London, France, and Sweden, or by violence as they are also doing in London, Sweden, and other European countries.
As you can see they have moved on to Stage 3 in Europe and parts of Africa already. But here on the US they have quietly moved on to stage 2. You can see evidence of the Muslims gaining numbers in Dearborn Michigan, where we can already see elements of sharia law, there are fast food restaurants that have separate lanes for men and women, and where women are required to wear a burqha outside and only travel with immediate male relatives. They have built relationships and ifiltrated organizations all through out the country, organizations such as CAIR, and the Islamic society of north America. They have also infiltrated our government, At least one US Atttorney Bill Killian, Obama’s Attorney General for the eastern district of Tennessee, believes that it is against the law to say anything degrading against Islam or Muslims, he says it is a crime that can be punished by jail time,
Ladies and gentlemen we are under attack by radical terrorist Muslims who are being aided by our own government, we must stop this now before it is too late, by any means necessary. Our president has already pledged his support to Al Queada by giving weapons to the Syrian rebels who are fighting under their flag.


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