Our Idependence Day

Today is our Independence Day, the day our Founding Fathers declared to King George III that we would no longer submit to his tyranny, we would no longer be ruled with out a voice in how we were governed. Freedom was so important to them that they took up arms against a numerically and tactically superior army. They, farmers, teachers, and businessmen stood up to and defeated, which at this time, was the greatest army in the world. Freedom was so important to them, people like John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, that they wrote down their grievances in what would become the most important document in our country’s history, The Declaration of Independence.
Freedom was so important that Crispus Attucks, a former slave, stood by with fellow Bostonians against a force of British soldiers who fired into the unarmed crowd. Crispus Attucks is named as the first person to die standing up to the British, in an incident known as “the shot heard round the world.” A former slave stood up and died for the idea of freedom, even after he was taken here as a slave, he gave his life for the idea of us gaining our freedom from Britain.
237 years ago, a band of Patriots stood up and took their freedom, and built a new country, a free country. They knew the price they would have paid if they failed, certain death at the hand of the hangman. They knew their families lives would also be forfeit, yet they stood up anyway, and they won. Our Founding Fathers led the only successful revolution against England, they won the only war for independence against a superior and undefeated army in history. To this day no other country has done what they have.
Today those same Patriots are looking down at us and seeing all they fought for being destroyed, and not from some enemy army, but by our very own government, the same government they fought to overthrow. The government, and specifically the president, is what they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to defend us against. They are wondering where all the Patriots have gone, they are crying because they knew this would happen if our Patriots laid down and got complacent.
I am calling on all Patriots to stand up, have the spirit of our Founding Fathers flow through us, and take our country back. We need to reaffirm our independence from tyranny, both from with in and with out. We need to redeclare our independence today. We need to tell the traitor in our White House that this is our country and he works for us and will do as we say or we will remove him from that office by what ever means necessary.


The path we need to follow

Ladies and gentlemen I believe the path we need to follow has been laid out before us, and it comes in a most unlikely way. Our president put his support behind a dictatorial leader who was democratically elected then turned on his countrymen. That leader was Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood figure-head, who was elected president of Egypt last year. Our president sent over 1.3 billion dollars in aid, along with numerous F-16 fighter jets and M-1 Abrahms main battle tanks. Obama said Morsi was the prime example of the kind of leader the Middle East needs to lead it into the future. Well after only a year the Egyptian citizens realized they made the biggest mistake of their lives electing him. Once he was elected their quality of life tanked, their cities filled up with un collected trash, there were more beggars on the streets than working people, and those who did have jobs were barely scraping by. Well they finally had enough and decided to take their country back.
This week saw mass protests in Tahrir Square, the site of their last Arab Spring uprising, calling for Morsi to resign. The Egyptian military led a coup to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from power. Yet our president still sings the praises of this tyrant. Our president has offered OUR military to help Morsi stay in power. Our president thinks the Muslim Brotherhood should stay in power contrary to what the populace wants.
The Egyptian populace has spoken, and they want their country back. We need to follow their example and demand our very own tyrant resign. We need to take our country back, we need to remove the tyrant and his cronies from power before they become unstoppable. We need to follow the example set by the Egyptians and take action. We need to march on Washington DC and demand our country back. We need to focus our anger at the tyrant in our White House.
“Why would you trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away?” This quote was uttered by Mather Byles to Nathaniel Emmons in Massachusetts while debating why we needed to revolt against England. I think today we have finally traded the one tyrant for the 3000. We have given unprecidented power to a narcissistic power hungry tyrant who wants nothing more than to destroy our country. It is time we sent that tyrant and his goons packing. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. It is time for our Patriots to rise like those who came 237 years before us.

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!!!

It has come to light that our president has requested 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and riot control to come to the United States. ( http://www.eutimes.net/2013/06/obama-requests-15000-russian-troops-for-upcoming-disaster/). In a report by the Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM), Obama has requested these 15,000 troops will be prepositioned in FEMA Region III, for an undisclosed “upcoming” disaster, and these troops will fall directly under big sis herself, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.
Where you ask is FEMA Region III? Well it just so happens Region III encompasses Washington DC and the surrounding states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Yes he is planning on having foreign troops on American soil defending our nations Capitol. It seems the president has lost faith in the ability of our own troops and law enforcement agencies to protect our country. Our Commander-in-Chief has lost faith in those he leads, and is outsourcing defense of our country. Not only is he financing our enemies, al queada, through the Syrian rebels, he is now bringing foreign soldiers, Russian soldiers, on to our soil to do a job our nations warriors and police officers are fully capable of doing. Why?
I’ll tell you why, because he is the enemy in disguise our founding fathers warned us about, he is the evil within that will destroy our country. That is unless the patriots of today wake up and take our country back.
Ladies and gentlemen this is the time to ensure our elected officials realize they work for us, they are not above us, and we will not let them destroy our country or enslave us. If our Founding Fathers were alive today the revolution would have started, what are we waiting for. The time is now, before it’s too late and we lose our country and our way of life for good. I don’t want to be the one to have to explain to my grandchildren what freedom was like.

Our veterans deserve better

Our warriors defend our country, they go overseas and fight our enemies, they risk life and limb and would willingly give their lives for every one of us. They also respond to and help in times of emergency here at home, they have helped with security and clean up during storms such as Katrina and Sandy, they are also helping fight the wildfires in Arizona right now. Yet when they call upon the same government they so selflessly serve, to get benefits they have earned through their blood sweat and tears, it is like hitting a brick wall.
Our veterans applying for disability benefits with the VA face filing over 600 forms with 18 different federal agencies to get the benefits they earned by fighting and sacrificing for our country. ( http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/07/02/study-finds-veterans-applying-for-benefits-face-as-many-as-613-forms-across-18/?test=latestnews). As a medically retired veteran I can attest to the truth of this claim, I went through a Medical Evaluation Board to determine if I was medically able to continue my service, I was ruled medically unable to serve, this put me in the process to gain my VA disability benefits the day I retired so I would start receiving my benefits right away. The process to get my claim approved, while working with VA representatives located at my post, Fort Drum NY, was supposed to take 6 months, the VA Rep I was assigned handled my case personally, and it still took over a year for me to her my proposed rating, not my official rating, and it took 4 months after I received my proposed rating to actually receive my permanent rating and start receiving my benefits.
There are currently almost 900,000 veterans waging for their disability claims to be processed, there are 250,000 claims under appeal, and the problem seems to be a lack of accuracy in rating the veteran’s disability claim not a lack of man power. ( http://usmedicine.com/articles/va-claims-backlog-also-caused-by-high-error-rate-not-only-processing-speed.html#.UdMhVR0tGcg). The VA was warned by a former VA employee, Paul Sullivan, in 2003 that there would be a surge in disability claims and that they needed to prepare for it then, but the VA higher ups ignored this advice and now they are paying the price at the expense of the veterans. The Center for Investigative Reporting shows the average wait time for a disability claim appeal to be resolved is 279 days, while first time claims average 318 days.
This is unacceptable, these veterans were wounded in service to our country, and to make them wait almost a year to get their benefits is atrocious, these men and women did not tell our government to wait almost a year before they sacrificed for us, for our government to to it to them is unconscionable. We need to end this backlog of calims and get our veterans their benefits now.
We owe it to every veteran to ensure they get what they have earned, we can not let 9ur president sweep this under the rug like so many other problems he does not want to deal with. They sacrificed for us, we need to show them it was not in vain.

19 Heroes have been called home

Being a retired Army veteran I always pay respect to those who give their lives defending our country in combat overseas, I sometimes forget the hometown Heroes who protect us on a daily basis. Today I am going to pay respect to a group of these Heroes.
Yesterday 19 brave men gave their lives trying to protect their community and the people in it. The men from Elite Hotshots were helping battle an out of control wild fire in Arizona. I want to pay respects to these brave souls:

Andrew Ashcraft
Robert Caldwell
Travis Carter
Dusting Deford
Christopher MacKenzie
Eric March
Grant McKee
Wean Misner
Scott Norris
Wade Parker
John Percin
Anthony Rose
Jesse Steed
Joe Thurston
Travis Turbyfill
William Warneke
Clayton Whitted
Kevin Woykeck
Garnet Zuppiger

Sometimes it is hard to remember those who hide in plain sight, the first responders who keep us safe here at home, the firefighters, police officers and EMS workers, the Heroes who sacrifice for us everyday.
Rest In Peace brothers, you sacrificed to keep the people you love and those you never met safe, thank you for your service ad scarifices.