19 Heroes have been called home

Being a retired Army veteran I always pay respect to those who give their lives defending our country in combat overseas, I sometimes forget the hometown Heroes who protect us on a daily basis. Today I am going to pay respect to a group of these Heroes.
Yesterday 19 brave men gave their lives trying to protect their community and the people in it. The men from Elite Hotshots were helping battle an out of control wild fire in Arizona. I want to pay respects to these brave souls:

Andrew Ashcraft
Robert Caldwell
Travis Carter
Dusting Deford
Christopher MacKenzie
Eric March
Grant McKee
Wean Misner
Scott Norris
Wade Parker
John Percin
Anthony Rose
Jesse Steed
Joe Thurston
Travis Turbyfill
William Warneke
Clayton Whitted
Kevin Woykeck
Garnet Zuppiger

Sometimes it is hard to remember those who hide in plain sight, the first responders who keep us safe here at home, the firefighters, police officers and EMS workers, the Heroes who sacrifice for us everyday.
Rest In Peace brothers, you sacrificed to keep the people you love and those you never met safe, thank you for your service ad scarifices.

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