The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!!!

It has come to light that our president has requested 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and riot control to come to the United States. ( In a report by the Russian Emergency Ministry (EMERCOM), Obama has requested these 15,000 troops will be prepositioned in FEMA Region III, for an undisclosed “upcoming” disaster, and these troops will fall directly under big sis herself, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.
Where you ask is FEMA Region III? Well it just so happens Region III encompasses Washington DC and the surrounding states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Yes he is planning on having foreign troops on American soil defending our nations Capitol. It seems the president has lost faith in the ability of our own troops and law enforcement agencies to protect our country. Our Commander-in-Chief has lost faith in those he leads, and is outsourcing defense of our country. Not only is he financing our enemies, al queada, through the Syrian rebels, he is now bringing foreign soldiers, Russian soldiers, on to our soil to do a job our nations warriors and police officers are fully capable of doing. Why?
I’ll tell you why, because he is the enemy in disguise our founding fathers warned us about, he is the evil within that will destroy our country. That is unless the patriots of today wake up and take our country back.
Ladies and gentlemen this is the time to ensure our elected officials realize they work for us, they are not above us, and we will not let them destroy our country or enslave us. If our Founding Fathers were alive today the revolution would have started, what are we waiting for. The time is now, before it’s too late and we lose our country and our way of life for good. I don’t want to be the one to have to explain to my grandchildren what freedom was like.

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