Our Idependence Day

Today is our Independence Day, the day our Founding Fathers declared to King George III that we would no longer submit to his tyranny, we would no longer be ruled with out a voice in how we were governed. Freedom was so important to them that they took up arms against a numerically and tactically superior army. They, farmers, teachers, and businessmen stood up to and defeated, which at this time, was the greatest army in the world. Freedom was so important to them, people like John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, that they wrote down their grievances in what would become the most important document in our country’s history, The Declaration of Independence.
Freedom was so important that Crispus Attucks, a former slave, stood by with fellow Bostonians against a force of British soldiers who fired into the unarmed crowd. Crispus Attucks is named as the first person to die standing up to the British, in an incident known as “the shot heard round the world.” A former slave stood up and died for the idea of freedom, even after he was taken here as a slave, he gave his life for the idea of us gaining our freedom from Britain.
237 years ago, a band of Patriots stood up and took their freedom, and built a new country, a free country. They knew the price they would have paid if they failed, certain death at the hand of the hangman. They knew their families lives would also be forfeit, yet they stood up anyway, and they won. Our Founding Fathers led the only successful revolution against England, they won the only war for independence against a superior and undefeated army in history. To this day no other country has done what they have.
Today those same Patriots are looking down at us and seeing all they fought for being destroyed, and not from some enemy army, but by our very own government, the same government they fought to overthrow. The government, and specifically the president, is what they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to defend us against. They are wondering where all the Patriots have gone, they are crying because they knew this would happen if our Patriots laid down and got complacent.
I am calling on all Patriots to stand up, have the spirit of our Founding Fathers flow through us, and take our country back. We need to reaffirm our independence from tyranny, both from with in and with out. We need to redeclare our independence today. We need to tell the traitor in our White House that this is our country and he works for us and will do as we say or we will remove him from that office by what ever means necessary.


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