The path we need to follow

Ladies and gentlemen I believe the path we need to follow has been laid out before us, and it comes in a most unlikely way. Our president put his support behind a dictatorial leader who was democratically elected then turned on his countrymen. That leader was Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood figure-head, who was elected president of Egypt last year. Our president sent over 1.3 billion dollars in aid, along with numerous F-16 fighter jets and M-1 Abrahms main battle tanks. Obama said Morsi was the prime example of the kind of leader the Middle East needs to lead it into the future. Well after only a year the Egyptian citizens realized they made the biggest mistake of their lives electing him. Once he was elected their quality of life tanked, their cities filled up with un collected trash, there were more beggars on the streets than working people, and those who did have jobs were barely scraping by. Well they finally had enough and decided to take their country back.
This week saw mass protests in Tahrir Square, the site of their last Arab Spring uprising, calling for Morsi to resign. The Egyptian military led a coup to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from power. Yet our president still sings the praises of this tyrant. Our president has offered OUR military to help Morsi stay in power. Our president thinks the Muslim Brotherhood should stay in power contrary to what the populace wants.
The Egyptian populace has spoken, and they want their country back. We need to follow their example and demand our very own tyrant resign. We need to take our country back, we need to remove the tyrant and his cronies from power before they become unstoppable. We need to follow the example set by the Egyptians and take action. We need to march on Washington DC and demand our country back. We need to focus our anger at the tyrant in our White House.
“Why would you trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away?” This quote was uttered by Mather Byles to Nathaniel Emmons in Massachusetts while debating why we needed to revolt against England. I think today we have finally traded the one tyrant for the 3000. We have given unprecidented power to a narcissistic power hungry tyrant who wants nothing more than to destroy our country. It is time we sent that tyrant and his goons packing. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. It is time for our Patriots to rise like those who came 237 years before us.

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