Obama’s Third Term

There is an old adage, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
We have a Constitutional amendment that limits Presidents to 2 terms, and it’s there for a very good reason, no man should have that much power for that long.
We can already see that Obama is being corrupted by the power he has, he is ruling by edict and writ, he has issued more executive orders than any other President in history, he has illegally power from congress, he has spied on American citizens, given weapons to Mexican drug cartels and enemies of America, gives trillions if dollars in aid to am qeuda and terrorist states, all in direct violation of American law, and he does it under executive order, which are not even laws, he has illegally passed with out congressional approval. And he did all this knowing he is leaving office in 2014, what do you think he’ll do if he knows he possibly has a third term? He will then take the dictatorial powers he thinks he has now, and that is unacceptable. He is destroying America and given a third term he will finish it.
I believe if this attempt to give him a third term passes it will be the catalyst needed to start the revolution we so badly need to take our country back from this communist, muslim sympathizing American hating Kenyan out of our White House. A revolution that is long overdue, our Founding Fathers would have been shooting by now, they are rolling over in their graves at the so called patriots of today.


The American Patriot and the UN

As a retired American Soldier I find this talk of a UN arms treaty disheartening. I spent over twenty years of my life fighting for and defending the Constitution and freedom of my country and I do not like any talk of the UN coming in and regulating any part of any rights of my country, especially the second amendment, my right to bear arms, the most sacred right we as Americans have, the right that protects all other rights we have.
If by some miracle, or executive order NY our embarrassment in chief, this treaty passes, because our congress thankfully has already said no to it, it will give the UN the power to come into our houses to search for weapons that they say violate their treaty on imports of weapons of war, yes you read that right, IT WILL GIVE THE UN, A FOREIGN ARMY, THE POWER TO AT ANY TIME GO INTO YOUR HOUSE AND SEARCH YOUR PRIVATE RESIDENCE.
I find that unacceptable, I will not allow a foreign army on American soil let alone the ability to perform any kind of search or seizure of my personal and private property, the first foreign soldier that sets foot on my property gets a bullet in his head, it won’t be the first enemy fighter I killed. I will not give up my Constitutional rights to my government I sure as hell will not give them up to the UN.

The entitlement class

We have an entitlement problem here in the US, we have a whole class of people who feel entitled to things they never worked for, welfare, EBT/SNAP benefits, healthcare, child care, housing, and so forth. And they feel we the people who actually work need to pay for this while they do nothing but sit back and collect a check every month. Some of these people collect these benefits and use them for drugs or sell them at discount prices do cash to people who are not authorized them, most of these benefits are going to illegal aliens who are criminals and in this country illegally and should be deported and not taken care of.
I was in the Army for over 20 years until I was forcibly retired, and I paid taxes and it pissed me off to see people at the grocery store buying $300 worth of lobster and t-bone steaks with their EBT cards while I can’t even afford that on my salary as a Staff Sergeant in the US Army, then they go get into their brand new Caddilac, while I’m driving an 8 year old minivan. This country is screwed up when it rewards the moochers more than it rewards the producers.
Our government thinks it can spend its way into prosperity by making our country a country full of freeloading self entitled moochers. This will only make it easier for them to instill communism that they’ve been pushing since Obama took office with Valarie Jarrett as his senior advisor.
Wake up people our very existence as a Constitutional Republic and the United States is at stake, we need to take our country back before it’s too late. By ballot or bullet we need to stand together as our founding fathers did against the tyrant in England so must we against the tyrants in DC.

Our Muslim president

Right now while our congress is arguing over how to spend money they don’t have on a healthcare law that is about controlling our lives and not about healthcare the president is quietly writing laws making it illegal to insult Muslims and their mist revered leader Mohammed. Sounds like sharia law right, well it is, and it is illegal.
Sharia law is illegal in this country, yet the Muslim in the white house is trying to subvert the Constitution and make sharia law the new law of the land. This makes him a traitor. This goes beyond breaking his oath the uphold the Constitution, this shreds the Constitution, and that is an act of war, and that is unacceptable and we need to remove him immediately, by ballot or bullet, he needs to go. He is now actively committing treason and war on America and he needs to be stopped.
All true patriots need to wake up and take back our country.

The rise of the USSA

Tonight the Constitutional Republic of the US as we know has suffered the worst defeat in its 237 year history. We have a congress that has given up every shred of honor and integrity it had to a president, that doesn’t deserve the title, for a law that we the people do not want, to end a government shutdown that they created over a debt that the president promised he would cut in half or he would not seek a second term.
We have an inept congress that caved to a corrupt, criminal president and we are the ones who are suffering for it. The country that I love, that I have gone to combat for, sacrificed, bled, lost brothers for, and swore an oath to defend is on its death bed, and it will die unless something is done.
Our elected representatives have forswore their oaths to defend out constitution to line their pockets and get rich, while we get poor. They are destroying our country and I am sick of it. We need to stop this downward spiral, and we need to stop it now.
Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves, they would be shooting by now. They knew a tyrant when they saw one, we should too. We need to take our country back now.

Obamas talent

Obama has a talent that he has been blatantly showing off lately, and that is pissing off people he shouldn’t be.
So far he has pissed of the bikers who have stormed DC last month. They showed up with almost a million bikers on short notice to counter act the million muslim march, which drew a whopping 59 people.
Then Obama pissed off the nations truckers which this weekend decided to shutdown DC by driving around the 495 loop. Which they did. And which of course the lame stream media decided to not cover, because it showed their messiah was losing control of the country.
And in what can on be considered the most asinine lapse of judgment ever, Obama decided it would be a good idea to lock the greatest generation out of their memorial, and threaten them with arrest if they visited it. Not a good idea Mr. President, not a good idea at all. When you mess with one generation of Veterans you mess with them all, its not called a brotherhood for nothing.
Today those Veterans showed you what that brotherhood was and stormed your shutdown memorials, and stood up to your storm troopers. We are not backing down, we will not be intimidated, we took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and you sir are the domestic enemy.
You have proven the only talent you have is to piss off the wrong people and we will not take it much longer, we will fight back, and when we do we will bring the fight to you, to your door step, and we have the experience, we have been fighting for over a decade, and we have been winning.

Against All Enemies Foreign And Domestic

These words are spoken by everyone who volunteers for military service. They are the corner stone of the oath of military service, an oath I took 8 times through out my military career through various reenlistments. I raised my right hand and swore these words before an officer and to God. I did not put conditions upon this oath and I did not put an expiration date on this oath.
I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the Unites States “Against All Enemies Foreign And Domestic” to prevent my country, which I have gone to war for on 4 occasions, from falling to a tyrant. I still hold true to my oath even though I retired from military service, I will do everything I can to stop Obama from further destroying my country.
I will for ever defend my country, Against All Enemies Foreign And Domestic.

The Million Vet March

On Sunday October 13 at 9 am there is a planned protest by Military Veterans on the National Mall in Washington DC. This is going to coincide with the Truckers shutting down DC.
Our nations Veterans, which I am proud to be one, are fed up with being treated like second class citizens, watching as illegal aliens get afforded Constitutional rights we are denied. Veterans have been arrested in New York City and Washington DC while peacefully protesting the government shutdown of War Memorials, while illegal immigrant have been given presidential permission to protest on the National Mall, which he has ordered closed due to the shutdown. This is totally unacceptable.
I will be in DC on Sunday supporting my fellow Veterans in protesting my governments total disregard not only for us, but also for the Constitution which it has sworn to defend. I have been writing about doing something against this government, trying to get people to wake up and make this government remember they work for us, I will now take action, I will be right there with my brother and sister Veterans as we protest the way we have been treated. It is well past time this regime realized they work for us, not for the criminal illegal aliens and we sure as hell do not work for them.
I would love it if every Veteran would march on DC with us, but I know this is not possible, there are groups planning protests all over the country for Sunday, please find one near you and join our brothers and sisters as we make our presence known and our voices heard, as we try and take our country back, the country we fought for, bled for, and sacrificed for.

The tyrant is at it again!

So as bad as it was with Obama shutting down our national parks and memorials, he shut down the Amber Alert website. Yesterday the Amber Alert website was shut down, and the reason, the government shut down. So what for him caring about the children. As of this writing due to public outrage and outcry the website was back up. While this site, which I and many others consider being one of the best and most important tools to help find kidnapped children, was shut down Michelle Obama’s let’s move website was not affected by the big bad shutdown.
Obama has shown time and again that he couldn’t care less about us. If you don’t believe me just think about this, Obama has threatened our WWII vets with arrest is they visit their memorial, he has told his park ranger storm troopers to shut down every national park, including kicking people out of their homes on Lake Mead, people who pay their own way, pay all their own bills, take care of their own property, and pay for all the upkeep on their houses, they receive NO federal funding, yet Obama ordered them out of their houses just because it sits on federal land. While these Americans are being denied their rights and threatened with arrest if they don’t comply with his tyrannical wishes he’s allowing illegal immigrants to hold a rally on the same national mall that he threatened Americans with arrest for going to.
Allowing criminals (being in the country illegally is a crime no matter what a liberal democrat says) to protest on OUR MEMORIALS, with out consequences is not only against the oath he took but it is in itself a criminal act, he is aiding and abetting criminals in a criminal act. What else does he have to do to get impeached? Bill Clinton got impeached over a blow job, yet Obama has repeatedly committed criminal acts and has faced no punishment, it is time to stop being afraid of being called a racist, it has nothing to do with him being black, it has to do with him being a criminal.
It is time to kick the criminal out of OUR White house, it is time to take our country back.

It is time for a Revolution

Ladies and gentlemen our country has been spiraling out of control since our current president took office. Barack H. Obama has stated from the beginning he wanted to fundamentally change our country, and the free loaders of this country fell for him hook line and sinker. They willingly gave up their freedoms for free stuff, and with it gave up our country to a self proclaimed communist, terrorist sympathizer. As Clint Eastwood said before, “Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”
When are you going to wake up? He is destroying our country just so he can keep his legacy alive through his obamacare fiasco, this law is the end of our freedom, it strips away our 2nd, 4th, and 10th amendment rights, it effectively gives the government complete control over every aspect of your life. When will you open your eyes and see what he is doing, he is the typical tyrant, he came in all suave and saying all the right things to the uniformed voters, promising them everything for nothing, and they fell for it.
This president is so corrupt he allowed voter suppression and intimidation to happen, we saw the black panthers threatening people outside polling places and nothing was done, he actually had his lap dog AG Eric Holder declare the black panthers did nothing illegal. This in itself should have gotten him impeached, yet nothing was done, and since then it has gotten worse. We have had “Fast and furious”, Benghazi, Extortion 17 in Afghanistan, and now we have this government shutdown.
As bad as our government shutting down is in itself, he has told the Democrats to not negotiate with the Republicans unless his epic failure of obamacare is fully funded. And to make matters even worse he has ordered every national park shut down and blocked off so We The People can not go to our parks and memorials. What is even worse is that he has chosen to shut down selected open air memorials in Washington DC, including the WWII memorial and the Vietnam memorial. He has gone as far as threatening to arrest our nations heroes, WWII vets, that go to visit THEIR memorial in our nations capitol. He has directed the National Park Service to make this shut down as painful as possible on us just so he doesn’t look like a failure for having his keystone policy defended and thrown out. The problem is he’s already a failure, not only to us, but to the rest of the world, world leaders from all over the world see him as a clown and openly mock him.
These acts of tyranny have to be answered, he must account for his crimes and failures, he needs to be removed from our White House.
Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves right now, and they should be, they should be embarrassed at the way we have laid down to take this abuse of power. This president is the one they warned us about and wrote the Constitution to protect us from. Ladies and gentlemen it is time for us to step up like our Founding Fathers did 238 years ago and declare our independence from this tyrant. If our Founding Fathers were alive today they would have started shooting already, they would have declared Obama a tyrant and removed him by any means necessary. We need to reawaken our Patriot spirit and take our country back.