The tyrant is at it again!

So as bad as it was with Obama shutting down our national parks and memorials, he shut down the Amber Alert website. Yesterday the Amber Alert website was shut down, and the reason, the government shut down. So what for him caring about the children. As of this writing due to public outrage and outcry the website was back up. While this site, which I and many others consider being one of the best and most important tools to help find kidnapped children, was shut down Michelle Obama’s let’s move website was not affected by the big bad shutdown.
Obama has shown time and again that he couldn’t care less about us. If you don’t believe me just think about this, Obama has threatened our WWII vets with arrest is they visit their memorial, he has told his park ranger storm troopers to shut down every national park, including kicking people out of their homes on Lake Mead, people who pay their own way, pay all their own bills, take care of their own property, and pay for all the upkeep on their houses, they receive NO federal funding, yet Obama ordered them out of their houses just because it sits on federal land. While these Americans are being denied their rights and threatened with arrest if they don’t comply with his tyrannical wishes he’s allowing illegal immigrants to hold a rally on the same national mall that he threatened Americans with arrest for going to.
Allowing criminals (being in the country illegally is a crime no matter what a liberal democrat says) to protest on OUR MEMORIALS, with out consequences is not only against the oath he took but it is in itself a criminal act, he is aiding and abetting criminals in a criminal act. What else does he have to do to get impeached? Bill Clinton got impeached over a blow job, yet Obama has repeatedly committed criminal acts and has faced no punishment, it is time to stop being afraid of being called a racist, it has nothing to do with him being black, it has to do with him being a criminal.
It is time to kick the criminal out of OUR White house, it is time to take our country back.


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