The Million Vet March

On Sunday October 13 at 9 am there is a planned protest by Military Veterans on the National Mall in Washington DC. This is going to coincide with the Truckers shutting down DC.
Our nations Veterans, which I am proud to be one, are fed up with being treated like second class citizens, watching as illegal aliens get afforded Constitutional rights we are denied. Veterans have been arrested in New York City and Washington DC while peacefully protesting the government shutdown of War Memorials, while illegal immigrant have been given presidential permission to protest on the National Mall, which he has ordered closed due to the shutdown. This is totally unacceptable.
I will be in DC on Sunday supporting my fellow Veterans in protesting my governments total disregard not only for us, but also for the Constitution which it has sworn to defend. I have been writing about doing something against this government, trying to get people to wake up and make this government remember they work for us, I will now take action, I will be right there with my brother and sister Veterans as we protest the way we have been treated. It is well past time this regime realized they work for us, not for the criminal illegal aliens and we sure as hell do not work for them.
I would love it if every Veteran would march on DC with us, but I know this is not possible, there are groups planning protests all over the country for Sunday, please find one near you and join our brothers and sisters as we make our presence known and our voices heard, as we try and take our country back, the country we fought for, bled for, and sacrificed for.


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