Obamas talent

Obama has a talent that he has been blatantly showing off lately, and that is pissing off people he shouldn’t be.
So far he has pissed of the bikers who have stormed DC last month. They showed up with almost a million bikers on short notice to counter act the million muslim march, which drew a whopping 59 people.
Then Obama pissed off the nations truckers which this weekend decided to shutdown DC by driving around the 495 loop. Which they did. And which of course the lame stream media decided to not cover, because it showed their messiah was losing control of the country.
And in what can on be considered the most asinine lapse of judgment ever, Obama decided it would be a good idea to lock the greatest generation out of their memorial, and threaten them with arrest if they visited it. Not a good idea Mr. President, not a good idea at all. When you mess with one generation of Veterans you mess with them all, its not called a brotherhood for nothing.
Today those Veterans showed you what that brotherhood was and stormed your shutdown memorials, and stood up to your storm troopers. We are not backing down, we will not be intimidated, we took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and you sir are the domestic enemy.
You have proven the only talent you have is to piss off the wrong people and we will not take it much longer, we will fight back, and when we do we will bring the fight to you, to your door step, and we have the experience, we have been fighting for over a decade, and we have been winning.


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