The rise of the USSA

Tonight the Constitutional Republic of the US as we know has suffered the worst defeat in its 237 year history. We have a congress that has given up every shred of honor and integrity it had to a president, that doesn’t deserve the title, for a law that we the people do not want, to end a government shutdown that they created over a debt that the president promised he would cut in half or he would not seek a second term.
We have an inept congress that caved to a corrupt, criminal president and we are the ones who are suffering for it. The country that I love, that I have gone to combat for, sacrificed, bled, lost brothers for, and swore an oath to defend is on its death bed, and it will die unless something is done.
Our elected representatives have forswore their oaths to defend out constitution to line their pockets and get rich, while we get poor. They are destroying our country and I am sick of it. We need to stop this downward spiral, and we need to stop it now.
Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves, they would be shooting by now. They knew a tyrant when they saw one, we should too. We need to take our country back now.


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