Our Muslim president

Right now while our congress is arguing over how to spend money they don’t have on a healthcare law that is about controlling our lives and not about healthcare the president is quietly writing laws making it illegal to insult Muslims and their mist revered leader Mohammed. Sounds like sharia law right, well it is, and it is illegal.
Sharia law is illegal in this country, yet the Muslim in the white house is trying to subvert the Constitution and make sharia law the new law of the land. This makes him a traitor. This goes beyond breaking his oath the uphold the Constitution, this shreds the Constitution, and that is an act of war, and that is unacceptable and we need to remove him immediately, by ballot or bullet, he needs to go. He is now actively committing treason and war on America and he needs to be stopped.
All true patriots need to wake up and take back our country.

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