The American Patriot and the UN

As a retired American Soldier I find this talk of a UN arms treaty disheartening. I spent over twenty years of my life fighting for and defending the Constitution and freedom of my country and I do not like any talk of the UN coming in and regulating any part of any rights of my country, especially the second amendment, my right to bear arms, the most sacred right we as Americans have, the right that protects all other rights we have.
If by some miracle, or executive order NY our embarrassment in chief, this treaty passes, because our congress thankfully has already said no to it, it will give the UN the power to come into our houses to search for weapons that they say violate their treaty on imports of weapons of war, yes you read that right, IT WILL GIVE THE UN, A FOREIGN ARMY, THE POWER TO AT ANY TIME GO INTO YOUR HOUSE AND SEARCH YOUR PRIVATE RESIDENCE.
I find that unacceptable, I will not allow a foreign army on American soil let alone the ability to perform any kind of search or seizure of my personal and private property, the first foreign soldier that sets foot on my property gets a bullet in his head, it won’t be the first enemy fighter I killed. I will not give up my Constitutional rights to my government I sure as hell will not give them up to the UN.


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