The only reason to register them, is so the Government knows where they are…

there is no danger in registering, just ask the Jews in Germany during WWII

There is no danger in registering, just ask the Jews in Germany prior to WWII

There has come to pass some troubling laws recently, those most disconcerting are the new gun laws that have sprung up around the country. Apparently those in elected office have forgotten their oath to defend the constitution, and have no clue what the words “Shall not be infringed” mean.

No where in the Constitution does it say that the right to keep and bears arms shall not be infringed, except for the registration of said arms. The government is requiring the registration of firearms to produce a data base of the names and locations of all weapons in the country, why do they need this information? Simple, so they know exactly where all the weapons are so when they decide to confiscate them.

New York and Connecticut have passed laws requiring all legal gun owners to register their weapons, and in Connecticut you have to register all high-capacity magazines acquired prior to the implementation of the new law. In Washington DC, they now require re-registration of firearms every 3 years. Now why do you think they need that information? Hmmm, California made its gun owners register their guns and nothing bad happened there.

Oh wait my bad yes there are some nefarious things going on in California. In California, law enforcement teams known as Armed Prohibited Persons System, are right now confiscating guns from gun owners deemed by the state to be unable to own weapons, those deemed unable to own weapons are convicted felons of course,  and persons with serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, but California has modified their determination of who is deemed mentally unstable and thus unable to own a fire arm, their determination is now any one who has ever visited a psychiatrist or taken a drug that has benefited their mental status, so anyone who has had a bout of depression, or a bout of anxiety, can no longer own a gun in California and they will come and forcefully take that weapon from you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will never register my weapons. My weapons, no matter the design, or the look or cool guy gear I have on my weapons, will never be assault weapons, my weapons will only ever be used for hunting, or for defense, defense of my family, my home, my community and my country. I will never allow my family to become victims of burglars, and I will not let my country become victim of socialism or communism.

MOLON LABE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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