Sacrifices Lost

Nine years ago I left for my first combat tour to Iraq. My brigade was stationed in Baghdad, and my team was sent to Yusafiya, part of the Triangle of Death. I was there during one of the most brutal times in the war, we were involved in numerous fire fights and IED blasts, and were hit by mortar fire twice a week if not more, it was dangerous to say the least, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We were answering our countries call to war, we were defending our country, and we would all do it again, most of those great Soldiers I served with that first tour went on to deploy again in Iraq, and again into Afghanistan, and most of them volunteered repeatedly to fight for our country and free those who could not fight for themselves. During my first tour in Iraq 21 of the finest men to walk the earth made the ultimate sacrifice-

Matthew Gibbs

Charles Warren

Jerry Ganey

Paul Saylor

Joshua Dingler

Thomas Strickland

Michael Stokely

Dennis Merck

Marcus Futrell

Philip Travis

Carl Ray Fuller

John Thomas

James Kinlow

Jacques Brunson

Christopher Taylor

Ronnie Shelley Sr.

Jonathan Haggin

David Jones Sr.

Victor Anderson

Chad Mercer

Charles Gillican III

These men went into harms way and never came home. Dennis Merck died in my arms on the way to the hospital. These and 4465 other men and women gave their lives in defense of this country and helping free the Iraqi people.

And the current president of the United States pissed away their sacrifices when he decided to pull out of Iraq before we destroyed the enemy to the point they couldn’t reform, before we ensured the Iraqi government was able to defend itself. I knew, and those I served with knew that it was a mistake and the Iraqi government was not able or willing to defend itself or the people of Iraq. Now we know why it was a mistake, we see Al-Queada was in hiding waiting to come out and undo everything we sacrificed for. Fallujah Iraq was the first to fall. Fallujah was the scene of two major battles mostly involving the Marines, during the first battle of Fallujah in April and May of 2004 48 Marines, 2 Soldiers and a Navy Corpsman were killed, during the second battle of Fallujah in November and December of 2004 another 95 American service members were killed. Mosul Iraq was the second city to fall into insurgent hands, with Tikrit following soon after. Now the insurgents are marching on Baghdad, and the US is now pulling out of Al Asad air base, and getting ready to evacuate all personnel from the embassy in Baghdad. Every one I talked to said that if we were pulled out of Iraq too early we would be back with in 5 years, and lo and behold the Iraqi government that is too weak to hold off the insurgents is now asking for our help again, after demanding we get out they realize they made a mistake, after the insurgents took over Fallujah and took control of the M1-A1 main battle tanks we left for the Iraqis, they took over Mosul and gained control over all the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters we sent to the Iraqis, along with well over one hundred armored Humvees,

I now know how the Vietnam Vets felt when Saigon fell, their sacrifices were stomped all over then and ours are being stomped all over now, and the sad thing is the exact same thing is happening in Afghanistan, only this time instead of just pulling us out, our president is giving AL-queda back their senior leadership and helping them destroy every thing our Fallen Warriors and our Wounded Warriors sacrificed so much for.