The Legacy of That Fateful Day

9-11-memorial-never-forget-2I was out running errands today, going to the VA hospital, and the grocery store, and I was filled with pride and wonder. I looked around and people were going about there normal lives, shopping, going to and from work, going to the post office, going to the doctor, talking to friends and families, just living their lives. I thought about what happened 13 years ago, the cowardly act carried out by terrorists who hated us because of our freedoms, and sought to destroy us, and cause fear that would cripple us, and seeing this today, everyone going about their normal business, I was filled with pride that the terrorists failed.
I was filled with pride at seeing how after these animals tried to knock us to our knees, we got brushed off the dirt and collectively said, “Is that all you got?” And we came together as a country to help our families, friends and neighbors, and to help people we didn’t even know, but they were our neighbors, they may have lived across town, or across the country, but they were United States citizens, and they were in trouble, and everyone came together to help. In what the terrorists thought would be our downfall, turned out this was our shining moment.
Today as I was watching everyone go about their business, and running errands, I was full of pride that we took what happened, shook it off, took care of our fellow Americans, then we showed the terrorists they could not knock down the Spirit that was the American people. And now today 13 years later, we remember, we will never forget, never forget the hurt and pain that tragedy has wrought, we will never forget the rage we felt at the audacity of those terrorists to attack us on our home soil, we will never forget how we came together as a community and a country to show them we will not live in fear.


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