This site is about anything and everything, if I agree with something or not you will find it here. From current events, politics, Military, local, state and federal government policy, and anything else I find interesting or irritating. I speak my mind and I don’t care if I offend people, if you are easily offended feel free to leave.

About me:

I’ve served in the United States Army for close to 20 years, I have been an Infantryman and a support soldier. I have been to numerous third world hell holes over and over again and I have been to combat to defend my country 4 times, and on an international peace keeping mission once. I have been honored with awards for bravery in combat, and I have seen my brothers die giving their lives for each other and my country. Yes I have taken the lives of my enemies, but I am comforted in the knowledge those I have taken out will never again hurt any one. I have felt the joy of watching foreign children on their first day in a school, going to a school I helped build with my own hands. I have witnessed the smiles, the laughter, and the sheer excitement of children being allowed to do what our own children take for granted. I have also felt the pain of watching those same children getting ripped from this world by an insurgents bomb. I have also brought holy hell and righteous retribution on those responsible.

I am not a murderer, but I will not sit by and watch some one harm or kill innocent people who have no means of defending themselves. I am a part of a brother/sister hood known as Sheep Dogs. Sheep Dogs are the defenders, the Military Service members, the 1st responders- the Police, the Fire fighters, the Paramedics, those that give freely of them selves often to strangers. Sheep Dogs are those who, while every one else is running from danger, are running headlong into it, whether it be a fire, a flood, a natural disaster, or gun fire. Sheep Dogs do not hesitate to act, and most of the time they are the only thing standing between average citizens and disaster. We do not seek fame and fortune, we do not seek thanks, for most often our job is a thankless one, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Sheep Dogs shun the spotlight, always feeling uncomfortable when given praise or recognition.

I have been around the world, and I have seen every kind of government there is, and I am positive our way of government as defined by our Constitution written by our Founding Fathers is the best government the world has seen. I am also positive that our way of life is being threatened by our own government, and like all the other enemies to our way of life I will not sit back and let this happen. I will do what is best for my country, and to that end I will help educate people on the downward spiral we are in. Do not sit back and let our country be destroyed from within while it is being attacked from outside. Take back our country.

Every one has heard of the 99%er’s who are staging the occupy everything movements blaming the 1%er’s for all of the countries problems Well the Sheep Dogs are the less than 1%, we do jobs other people can’t do, don’t want to, or are scared to do, and we do it well. Yes there are bad apples among us, and yes they give us a bad name, but just like in the public sector, bad apples are every where, I ask you to remember that when new allegations of misconduct by a small group of Sheep Dogs come out,  do not blame the rest of us for those sad few.

I have opinions and I am not afraid to voice them. I will say how I feel, what I feel, and I will not hold back. You are welcome to comment on all my posts, but do not cry when I call you out. I will discuss, debate, and argue all points. If you have thin skin or THS (Tiny Heart Syndrome) do not cry if I voice disagreement. I will not personally attack any one but I will pull no punches, and I expect that you will neither. Do not be afraid to voice your opinions, I am open to listening to all points of view, I may not agree with you, but I will listen.

I am allergic to Bull Shit and stupid people, so if you comment have facts to back it up. Be warned if I think you are blowing smoke I will point out to everyone your stupidity.

With that said, grab a seat, sit back and let the games begin. Thank you for coming.


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    • Manning admitted he did it. He said he was fed up with what he called the United States’ superiority complex and wanted to knock it off it’s pedestal. He willingly committed the worst classified information leak in the history of our country.

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