Land Of The Freeloader

There was a time in the United States when people worked for what they had, when men would work any job rather than take a dime from the government, a time when being on welfare was an embarrassment not a career choice. There was a time when we had pride in ourselves and took hand ups not hand outs. What happened?

Today people are proud to be on welfare, instead of working they sit at home and collect money paid for by the taxes of those not too lazy to work. They brag about how the government gives them “free” money to buy drugs, cars, jewelry, tattoos, and cell phones, all while their babies re at home starving because they traded¬†their food stamps for crack. Women sit at home and pop out multiple kids all with different fathers, none of whom pay a dime in child support, or even have jobs to pay taxes to pay for the welfare check their baby momma gets, and these women do it to get more “free” money from the government.

In the past 20 years we went from The Land Of The Free, to The Land Of The Freeloader, how could we, as the once great and proud nation have let this happen? When did society decide it was more acceptable to be lazy societal leaches, who drain the economy and the country, rather than productive citizens who enhance society, the economy and the country? Why would we let this happen and not stop it?

It seems today more people want free stuff, or to not have to work for what they get than there have ever been, why? Now to make it easier to get money for nothing websites like have been created, where anyone can beg everyone in the world for money. I have seen these sites set up for women who want plastic surgery, or for people who want to take vacations and have others pay for it. This just adds to the entitlement society the government created. Having websites like this does nothing to help people, it only offers them a much easier way to reach many more people, and it also gives scammers an easy way to reach a whole bigger audience and scam that many more people.

This entitlement attitude does nothing for the quality of the country, it only destroys the country, erodes the economy and breeds class division among our citizens. When did we stop being The Land Of The Free, and become The Land Of The Freeloader?