The Fall Of The Last Great Nation

First thing I want to say about the current conditions of the world is that Romney was right, he said this would happen if Obama continued to press his flawed policies on us. This current crisis in Ukraine shows just how flawed Obama was in dismissing Russia as potential global threat. Those who voted for Obama a second time made this happen, all the innocent people who have been harmed by the acts of Russia and the terrorist states in the middle east is on their heads. They voted for free stuff over freedom and enabled this failure of an administration to continue.

The reality of what is happening is The United States is on the brink of failure. We are the path to failure purely due to the incompetent individual in the White House, and his cronies. No leader that truly wants the best for their country would do half of what Obama now does, or allows to be done under his authority. The current administration is willfully trying to destroy the US, as evidenced by the continuing downsizing of our military, even in the face of a stronger China and Russia, the allowing of all these illegal aliens to invade our country, the failure to protect Ambassador Stevens, and the all out funding and arming of the Muslim Brotherhood, which even Islamic states have labeled a terrorist organization

Every despotic leader is now doing what they wanted to do all along, but couldn’t because we had the will and the might to stop them, now we don’t and our military is getting weaker. It is being gutted from the inside by our very own Commander In Chief, and everyone knows it. Through our presidents flawed foreign policy it is now fair game on Israel, our only true ally in the world, who Obama pretty much told to kick rocks, and the Russians, starting with Ukraine, are trying to get back every country they lost when the soviet union fell. The Russians have sanctioned the slaughter of innocent civilians when the separatists they armed shot down a civilian plane carrying 23 American citizens. Which instead of forcing accountability on the Russians, our president is fundraising and going on a planned vacation.

This would be tragic enough if it was the first time our president has done this, but sadly it is not. September 11. 2012, Libya, Ambassador Christopher Stevens calls for help as Islamic militants swarm the Embassy Annex in Benghazi. The president refuses to send help, instead he goes to bed and the next day he flies to Las Vegas to attend a star-studded fundraising gala, all while Ambassador Stevens, analyst Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were fighting for their lives, a fight which they all lost. And again this past June, when Neftali, Frenkel, an American citizen,  was kidnapped in Israel by Hamas. On June 26, he was found murdered, and what does Obama do? He tells Israel to proceed with caution, and does nothing to help bring the murderers to justice.

Obama has also undone everything our country has stood for in one fell swoop when he negotiated with, no it wasn’t negotiation, he gave the Taliban everything they wanted.He released five top Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay detention center for one American Soldier. Who by all accounts is at the very least a deserter, and at the worst a traitor who committed treason and is responsible for the death of at least six American Soldiers. At the very least this has emboldened our enemies to kidnap American citizens, knowing that the longer they hold them the more Obama will give them in exchange for their prisoner. One can only wonder if this was what led to the kidnapping of Neftali by Hamas. I guess we will never know.

What we do know is that it is apparent that our current president and his cronies are the ones facilitating the demise of our country, and if we don’t do something soon we will for ever lose the last great nation the world has known and become another 3rd world hell hole. Without the US being willing or able to aid other nations in their own defense, the world will fall into a Dystopian nightmare it will be almost impossible to wake up from.




My views on the consequences of the 2012 election

I am seeing a very dangerous future ahead for our country. With the damage that has been done to our country and our constitution by the current president and his cronies I see very bad things if he gets reelected. Obama has already bowed and shown subservience to every world leader he has ever met, he has backed and continues to back militant Islamic extremists to overthrow governments in the Middle East, he has turned his back on Israel, our only true ally in the region. He has also drafted a national healthcare law that has turned out to be the biggest tax increase in American history, that allows for hiring 16,000 new IRS agents but not one new doctor.

Obama has given blanket amnesty to all illegal aliens, as long as they are not criminals, except for the illegal alien arrested in NJ last week. On orders from a senior field director the ICE agent who arrested the illegal alien was told to release the illegal alien, when the ICE agent refused he was threatened with suspension, and told if he did it again he would be fired and lose all benefits and pension, he was an 18 year veteran. The reason given to release the illegal alien, “he wasn’t a Presidential priority.”  So if protecting our country from illegal aliens isn’t a Presidential priority what is?

Obama has filed suit against an Ohio law which gives US service members 3 extra days to vote.  Obama claims this is unconstitutional, mainly because he knows the majority of these men and women will not vote for him. His priorities are also ensuring that no voter will need to show ID to vote, because voting is a right and you do not need ID to exercise a right. Except to purchase guns, because even t the 2nd amendment grants us the right to bear arms it’s not really a right and he’s doing everything he can to fix that mistake the founding fathers somehow let slip through when they wrote the constitution.

Obama and the democrats want to take away our right to bear arms, while at the same time they are letting guns walk across the border into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels. Drug cartels that have already used those weapons to kill Border Agent Brian Terry, and at least 300 Mexican civilians. Drug cartels that have taken up residency in our national park lands in border states such as Arizona. Places where instead of sending in Law Enforcement agencies, or the National Guard, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano’s brilliant idea was to have signs posted warning Americans to stay out because of the danger. Way to protect us. There are towns near El Paso Texas where Law Enforcement officials suggest ranchers do not go out on their own land with out arming themselves because of the threat of drug cartels and human smugglers. And the Obama administration wants to take our guns away.

The 2nd amendment as written: A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, was not written to protect the citizens from average criminals, it was written to protect the citizens from the tyranny of a government out of control. Right now we have the beginning of a government out of control. The government under Obama has put more people on food stamps, and unemployment, than at any other time in our history. We have become a state of entitlement, we are no longer the self-reliant country we were.

Our country was founded on religious freedoms, freedom for all religions. In the past few years I have seen a steady decline not in religious freedom, but in the freedom to practice Christianity. It seems everywhere you look some one is attacking a cross, citing separation of church and state. Yet I have not heard one complaint about Judaism, or Hinduism, or Taoism, or Islam. On the other hand all I hear is that Islam is being oppressed, and hated on.  They wanted to put a mosque up 2 blocks from the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks. The public spoke out against it, in order to not seem racist the court system in New York allowed the mosque. Apparently they never read history and fail to realize that Muslims build mosques on all ground they conquer. Taken right out of the Koran, chapter 18 verse 21- Their Lord knows best about them. Those who prevailed in their affair said: We shall certainly build a place of worship over them. Those who prevail in the affair, sounds like those who won, build a place of worship over them, build a mosque.

There are 33 bills in 20 states reiterating that the only law to be followed in the US is US law. Well this upsets CAIR- Council on American Islamic Relations, they think they have the right to ignore US law and follow Sharia law, Islamic law according to the Koran. If you want to follow a Sharia law I got a suggestion move to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran or any other, Islamic government stop trying to destroy the US.

Why did I bring up Sharia law and Islamic propensity for building mosques on conquered ground you ask? Simple because Obama has been backing the Muslim Brotherhood in its bid to take control of the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood is a militant Islamic organization intent on bringing Islam to the world either by peaceful or violent means. And Obama is backing this group, to the extent that the Obama administration allowed Hani Nour Eldin to obtain a visa and visit the White House. The problem is that Eldin belongs to Gamat al Islamia, a known terrorist group. And Obama allowed him into the White House.

The problem here is he did all this during his first term, when he had to worry about getting reelected. Imagine what he’ll do when he doesn’t have to worry about reelection. He’s made illegal cabinet appointments without approval of congress, he’s implemented laws, or rather decided which laws to ignore, and is forcing socialist programs on us. He is destroying this country and if he gets reelected he will finish the job.


I have a lot of friends in the Military and Law Enforcement, and talking to them I’m getting worried about what our country’s future is. Unless we take back our country through our democratic elections, and get this socialist/Marxist/Communist mentality out of our government we are headed off a cliff. Talking with some people ,there is a tension in our country right now, a tension so tight it will snap whether we act or not. I can not advocate the overthrow of the government, but I did take an oath the protect and defend the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. I can not sit by and watch my country destroyed, and the vast majority, and by majority I mean all of my friends share this belief. I am hearing a lot of whispers, and some shouts about the time being right for another revolution. I can see where they are coming from, this government right now is the one our founding fathers were scared of when they wrote the Constitution, and especially when they wrote the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment was written to protect us from the tyranny that is in the process of happening. I am praying that Obama loses this election, because if he doesn’t I am scared a second American revolution might happen. With all of the crime and mass shooting happening, the government is trying to un-arm the law-abiding citizens, not because they want to stop the crime, but  because they want to protect themselves when they finish destroying the constitution.

Homeland Security has stocked up on 450 million rounds of ammunition, 2000+ Military grade armored vehicles, and no is stocking up on riot gear for the upcoming elections, what do they know, or think they know? Who are they protecting? I’m not one to give into conspiracy theories, I look at things and research, and think about it. The more I look into, research and think about this, the more worried I become, because instead of upholding the law and keeping illegal immigrants out, and deporting those that are arrested in the country, Homeland is more scared of the American citizens, why is that? I can see nothing good coming from this if Obama gets reelected. I am not advocating a new revolution, I am however keeping all my body armor the government issued me, just in case. Cause you never know, the zombies could be coming too.

We need to stop this. November 06, 2012, the day we take back our country.

Arresting a criminal gets an ICE agent suspended


An 18 year veteran of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has been issued a notice of suspension for arresting an illegal alien. This agent who was not named was watching a vehicle belonging to a known criminal alien target, he and his partner noticed a man getting into the vehicle and they apprehended the subject. It turns out the subject was not who they were looking for, but he was another illegal alien who had 10 previous violations including driving with out a license. The agent decided to charge the illegal alien and let the judge decide what to do, in other words the agent did his job.

Instead of the illegal alien going to a judge, the acting field director ordered the agent to release the subject, then went on to tell the illegal alien he was going to be released because he – “WAS NOT A PRESIDENTIAL PRIORITY!” Wait, what? Why is the president even being brought into this case, the illegal alien is breaking the law, a law which the president swore to uphold and defend, oh wait I forgot Obama doesn’t care about the law all he cares about is reelection and deporting this guy would lose him a vote.

So the acting field director ordered the ICE agent to release the illegal alien and the agent said no. On July 19th the Agent was issued a notice of proposed suspension for “failing to  follow supervisory instructions, when you arrested a non-targeted alien who did not appear to meet any of the ICE priorities.” A memorandum from Assistant Field Office Director David O’Neill, written the morning of the incident, reveals that the officers were told to release the subject even though he was in the country illegally. So if it’s the ICE Agents job to arrest illegal aliens, but they get in trouble for doing their job why are they even still a government agency? Seriously if the Obama administration is not going to allow them to enforce the law why even keep them around? No I do not want ICE shut down, just the opposite I want the Obama administration to let them do their job and arrest and deport illegal aliens, I was just making a point.

This ICE agent has been on the job for 18 years, doing his job well, and now is in trouble for doing just that. As a result of disobeying the order to release a known criminal, the officer faces a three-day suspension and could ultimately lose his job and pension if he arrests another illegal not on the Obama administration’s priority list. In essence if he does his job he will be fired and lose everything, however, if he just sits back and steals a paycheck he’ll not only keep his job, but in all likely hood get promoted, keep his pension and his benefits, and not get in trouble. Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

Our country has been broken, and it has been done by the very man elected to protect our country. Obama has done what no other person could, he has successfully found a way to destroy America, and every one who voted for him is letting it happen, and if you vote for him again you vote for the death of America. Stand up and tell him no more, November 6, 2012 the day we take back our country.

Big Sis gestapo stops 2 illegals at Canadian border

How ever they are not the illegals you think they are. Two Seattle men were stopped at the Canadian border and detained for more than 2 hours after border agents found contraband hidden in their car. What was the contraband you ask? Was it illicit drugs? No. Was it illegal aliens being smuggled into the country? No. Was it pirated clothing or videos or music? No. Well what was it? It was a horrendous, insidious, diabolical invention called, gasp, a Kinder Egg, oh no!!!! What is a Kinder Egg you ask? A kinder Egg is a chocolate egg with a toy inside of it. And they are illegal in the US.

No not illegal alien illegal, I mean REALLY ILLEGAL. Like “I will arrest you and send you to jail forever!” illegal.

Seriously? Is this what our border agents are looking for? Not illegal aliens or illegal guns walking across the border, but candy eggs? It makes sense, the candy eggs can’t vote for a democrat or make our gun laws look flawed. If this doesn’t make you realize our current administration isn’t working I don’t know what else to say. November 6, 2012 the day we take back our country.

A member of a violent Mexican street gang is upset

Hector Villalobos is a handy man in Colorado, he is trying to do the right thing and get his green card legally. There is one huge problem though, he has tattoos linking him to a violent Mexican street gangs. He claims he got the tattoos because, “I thought they were cool.” I’m going to have to raise the BS flag on that one. Street gangs do not let non-members sport their ink.(Read the article here.)

There is an immigration policy that requires potential green card applicants to divulge all tattoos, it’s meant to keep violent gang members out of the country. Which silly me, I think is a great idea. We have way to many home-grown criminals here as it is, we don’t need to start importing them. This policy justifies “inadmissibility” on national-security grounds, including possible affiliation with criminal organizations. I am all for not letting criminals, especially violent gang members into the country.

Some critics claim “They cast too wide a net and border dangerously on violating first amendment freedom of speech and expression,” said Jeff Joseph, a Denver immigration lawyer. Now I’m not a constitutional lawyer but doesn’t the Bill of Rights pertain to American citizens? So saying we violated his first amendment right is actually violating the constitution, which is actually illegal. So their argument is invalid.

I just want to know when all these critics of our Constitution are going to start defending actual American citizens? And if they feel so bad for illegal immigrants and want to help them so damn much why the hell don’t they move to these third world hell holes and leave our laws alone. We have laws to protect American citizens not low life violent foreign street gangs.

Wake up America, November 6, 2012 the day we take back our country.

Homeland Security sticks their tongue out at Arizona

In response to the Supreme Courts ruling allowing Arizona to check immigration status on those suspected of being in the country illegally Homeland Security officially ended its agreement to allow Arizona’s law enforcement agencies to check citizenship of suspected illegals. Homeland went so far as to say they will not respond if asked by Arizona officials to take illegal immigrants into custody unless the detainees had criminal backgrounds or had repeatedly violated immigration rules. (Read the article here.)

Isn’t being in the country illegally a crime? Or do we need more crimes like the one reported out of South Carolina about Loretta Robinson. Mrs Robinson not only lost her son to an illegal alien who was driving drunk, but then when Anna Gonzales, the illegal alien drunk driver, didn’t have the money Mrs. Robinson was made to pay to tow the vehicles, and recently was given the bill to clean up her deceased sons blood off the road. (Read the story here.) This is just one example in the past 2 days. Or are we going to continue to look the other way on illegal aliens because of Obama’s aunt and uncle, who are here illegally? His uncle who was arrested for drunk driving, not only was he not deported, he didn’t even lose his license, the judge gave it back to him because it was a hardship for him with out one.

Lat I heard this was the United States of America, not the land of the free ride for illegal aliens.

According to an article written by the Center for Immigration Studies, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, research organization, these low priority illegals are not so low priority after all. Here are a few examples-

August 18, 2011 — Santa Rosa, Calif.

In Santa Rosa, Calif., illegal immigrant Marcos Lopez Garcia allegedly struck and killed 4-year-old Christopher “Buddy” Rowe while he was walking in a cross walk with his mother and siblings. According to reports, Garcia, who was driving without a license, fled the scene. A good Samaritan listening in on a police scanner spotted Garcia’s car and apparently saw Garcia peeling a Giants sticker from the back window in an apparent effort to hide any distinguishing features. The man then saw Garcia hop into a different vehicle driven by a female and reported the license plate to the police.

According to court records Garcia had been convicted in 2010 of driving without a license. Reportedly he has a total of two previous arrests for driving without a license, one of which occurred only five days before the hit and run. Despite his illegal immigrant status, Garcia was never handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Even if he had been, driving without a license is not a high priority offense that would lead to deportation under the Obama administration’s calculations.

Garcia’s vehicle was not impounded because Open-borders advocates have been busy pressuring police departments to not impound vehicles because the policy is “disproportionately effecting undocumented immigrants.”

August 20, 2011 — Milford, Mass.

Two days after four-year-old Christopher Rowe was struck, an illegal alien in Milford, Mass. by the name of Nicholas Guaman allegedly killed motorcyclist Matthew Denice in a drunk driving accident. Guaman allegedly hit Denice and then proceeded to drag him a quarter of a mile to his death. Guaman is charged with vehicular homicide, driving under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury and death, possession of an open container, failing to stop for police, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, failure to yield at a stop sign, wanton or reckless conduct creating risk to a child (Guaman’s son was in the vehicle with him), and resisting arrest. After he was stopped, a witness reported that Guaman’s six-year-old son got out of the truck and started punching and kicking police officers, demanding that they leave his father alone.

According to law enforcement, Guaman has been arrested three times since 2007 for driving without a license in Milford, Uxbridge, and Attleboro. Guaman also served one year of probation from May 2008 to May 2009 for charges that included assault and battery on a police officer and assault on a firefighter after a 2008 incident in which he interfered with the treatment of a family member who had allegedly attempted to break into someone else’s home.

None of these incidents was enough to piqué ICE’s interest in getting Guaman removed from the country. As is the apparent rule, an illegal alien must kill or seriously injure someone before deportation becomes a possibility.

August 21, 2011 — Brenham, Texas

Only a day after the killing of Matthew Denice, yet another tragic event occurred. While driving drunk in Brenham, Texas, illegal immigrant Roberto Castillo allegedly killed four people in a car crash. The victims were 22-year-old Rachel Ann Dominguez, 20-year-old Imelda Yajaira-Sukey Duran, 19-year-old Guillermo Gonzales Delgado, and 19-year-old Ronald Barrios Mendez. Castillo allegedly ran from the scene but was quickly picked by law enforcement.

A few weeks prior to the crash, Castillo was arrested for driving under the influence. But because of ICE priorities and the Obama administration’s decision to give illegal immigrants like Castillo a pass, he was not turned over to federal authorities. According to the report:

Chief Deputy Mike Herzog said it’s doubtful that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were contacted about Castillo’s arrest and illegal alien status.

“At that time, ICE was only taking Class B and above (offenders),” Herzog said. “This was a Class C misdemeanor.”

Castillo is now facing legal consequences and potential deportation, but again, it required death and bloodshed before ICE took his illegal status seriously. Instead of deporting Castillo when he first crossed paths with law enforcement, he was released back out onto the streets. A drunk-driving and/or unlicensed illegal alien remains a low priority under the Obama administration’s direction, but a significant threat to public safety.

Yeah yeah yeah I hear in the background screaming there are citizens that do this also and no one is crying foul over that. Uh yes they are. People all over the US are doing what they can to eliminate drunk driving in the US, including – MADD- Mothers Against Drunk Driving, SADD- Students Against Drunk Driving, TADD -Teens Against Drunk Driving, FADD- Fathers Against Drunk Driving, and numerous others. Drunk driving is unacceptable, yet when committed by people who are not supposed to be here any way, and our elected officials are doing everything they can to allow these people to stay here and offend again and again it is tragic. I believe that any government official local, state, or federal, who allows these offenders to stay and they commit another crime, those officials should be tried as accessories to the crime.

How is giving illegal aliens anything but deportation the right thing to do?

Recently the a secret report was leaked by the Obama administration revising rules for the Customs and Border Patrol on detention and deportation of illegal aliens. The report outlines what is known in the government as “Prosecutorial Discretion.” Prosecutorial Discretion is a policy that provides circumstances when to pursue enforcement actions … and includes detailed discussion of several factors CBP personnel should consider when exercising discretion. What that means is just because the CBP comes across an illegal alien, the very fact that they are in the country illegally should not be the deciding factor of whether to deport them or not.  Hold up, wait what? Isn’t that whole purpose the CBP exists, to stop illegal aliens from getting in to the country, and if they find them arrest and deport them? (Read the article here.)

Laura L. Lichter, president-elect of the American Immigration Lawyers Association said “It’s a bit odd to have that huge function in terms of patrolling the borders and some of the enforcement activities that take place just this side of the border not be part of the same policy — it’s frankly just kind of odd.” She was talking about the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) already follows this prosecutorial discretion policy. Mrs. Lichter wants CBP to follow this policy also, not because she believes in the policy itself, rather because she wants all illegal immigrants given citizenship whether they should get it or not. She is behind Obama’s push to grant back door citizenship to illegals.

Add to this drastic shift in immigration enforcement, Obama has announced he is pushing a jobs initiative FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. Yes that’s right Obama wants to give work visas to illegal aliens. As if there weren’t enough jobs for Americans before, he is making the chances of Americans getting those smaller bu now allowing illegals to openly apply for the few jobs out there. When challenged by a reporter on this Obama responded by saying,”This is the right thing to do for the American people.” How is giving jobs to illegal aliens over American citizens the right thing to do? How is allowing illegal aliens to come to our country and having free reign with out the fear of arrest or deportation in any way right for the country? (See a video and read the article here.)

As someone who had to fight with ICE/CBP and the state department to get my former wife in the country legally I take this as a direct slap in my face. It took me 3 years and $5000 to get her here legally, and I was active duty Army at the time. So am I getting that time and money back if he grants blanket citizenship? The answer is no, and neither is anyone else who did it right.

I said it before and I’ll say it again Obama was never qualified to be president, he had no experience, not intelligence and no chance of ever doing the right thing for this country. You can see by the fact that almost every policy of his administration failed, and numerous policies have faced judicial review. The fact that he is pushing these immigration reforms now shows just how tenuous his grasp on reelection is. He knows the American people are fed up with his failure, so now he’s recruiting the illegal aliens, or as I call them undocumented democrats. There is only one way this policy will end and that is verrrry bad. Please I beg you do not fall for his lies a second time. Vote him out in November. CLEAN HOUSE 2012!!!!

Talk about a slap in the face

The board of trustees for the Metropolitan State College of Denver have voted to decrease tuition rates for illegal aliens. Why? Why are they rewarding illegals while punishing American citizens? Is it me or aren’t these illegal aliens breaking the law? I mean isn’t that the definition of illegal?

One illegal student, Sarahi Hernandez, who was interviewed said the only difference between her and citizen students is a social security number, um no the difference is you’re breaking the law and they are not. One of the requirements to get the lower tuition rate is the illegal alien students must promise to gain lawful residence once they graduate, isn’t that like letting a burglar rob a house and not send him to jail if he promises to not do that again? Hernandez also said students like her deserve lower tuition rates, again no, you are breaking the law and you deserve a jail cell, then deportation, not special favors. Read the article here.

Giving illegal aliens cheaper tuition, and not prosecuting them sends the wrong message. Not only does it tell hardworking American students that it’s okay to break the law if you promise to not to it again. It also tells them that they are not as deserving of cheaper tuition because they are doing the right thing.  This is a slap in the face to all the truly deserving American students.

Since the federal and state governments, except of course Arizona which is actually trying to enforce immigration law, are picking and choosing which laws they want to enforce it is setting a dangerous precedent. Since they have already shown some laws don’t have to be enforced I wonder how long it will be before criminals use that as an excuse to not be convicted, if some people can blatantly disobey laws why can’t everyone?

We need to tell our congressmen and our president that this stops now. We should not be rewarding criminal activity.