The problem of the country as I see it

Everyone is up in arms about the tragedy in Newton Connecticut, and they have every right to be. Everyone is looking to blame someone or something for all our problems, yet no one wants to come up with a solution other than taking the freedoms away from those who had nothing to do with the crime. No one wants to say what the real problem is, until now.

People are asking God why he didn’t stop the shooter, simple he’s not allowed in schools. thanks to the Atheists and ACLU, if you mention God you get suspended. The kids aren’t even allowed to sing Christmas carols because of their religious content. Ever since we lost the right to display our religious beliefs our morality and our knowledge of right and wrong has declined. We can no longer publicly display the values that this country was founded on. We no longer have the family values that our parents did, and our children no longer have the values we did, what do expect was going to happen? I remember my mother dragging me to church every week, no matter what, Saturday evening or Sunday morning we were in church, I didn’t like going, I would try and pretend I was asleep, yet she would wake me up and to church we would go. I then became an altar boy, that made it easier to go to church. Now years after that I find myself waking my daughter up to go to church every Sunday morning. Why do I do this? Simple as much as I disliked going to church I know that I am the man I am today because of what I learned in church. I learned the difference between good and evil, I learned the morals and behavior that would serve me well in the years to come, especially in my Army career. I went to war 4 time for my country and I fought for my country. I did take human life, but only in the defense of me, my fellow soldiers or innocent civilians. There were times could have killed insurgents before I detained them but I wouldn’t because murder is wrong. I carried a loaded weapon, actually many different types of weapons, and they never killed anyone on their own, It was my morality and judgement that let me use those weapons to kill bad people and protect the good people and I give all the credit for my morality and judgement of right and wrong to my mother and my religion.

I remember when I was growing up if I did something wrong in my neighborhood I didn’t have to worry about my parents seeing it, if any one of my neighbors saw it my parents would know about it and I would be punished. Everyone in my neighborhood looked out for everyone. We had a neighborhood watch before they were called neighborhood watches.  Now the majority of the people in the world have an “if it doesn’t concern me I don’t care” attitude, this just breeds wrong doing. If someone knows they can do something bad and get away with it then what’s to stop them from doing it. Too many people worry more about what they have and what they’re doing to care about everyone else, and this has led to an overall decline of the behavior of everyone in the neighborhood.

I also give some blame to the way people are parenting today. I am not an advocate of beating the crap out of your children, but I remember when I did something wrong my mom would get out the belt, or the spoon or her hand and crack me good across my ass or slap me right in the face. I got the point pretty quickly I needed to shape up. I brought my daughter up almost the same way, I would give her a swift spank when she did something wrong, now all I have to do is tell her I’m disappointed in her behavior,and it has the same effect. Her friends wanted her to go to the store one day, after I told her mom told her not to, now I am not living with her at the moment, my daughter told them she couldn’t go because I would be disappointed in her disobeying her mother. She also gets home from school and does her homework before she even thinks about going outside to play or getting on the computer or even turning on the TV, why, because she knows I would be disappointed in her if she didn’t. Now I’m not the parent of the year, but I have taught my daughter the values and morals that will make her a productive good citizen and not some gang banging thug.

Now a days, the parents want to blame everyone else for the short coming of their children. If their child fails a test in school they blame the teacher, yet their kid comes home and drops off their book bag and plays video games and get on Facebook, and they rush through their homework, getting most of it wrong by the way. So the parents blame the teacher for not doing enough to educate their child. If a child gets in trouble they blame society, yet at home their 10 or 11-year-old child is left alone to watch movies and learn behavior from them. I don’t blame Hollywood, or video games, I blame the parents who let the children watch R rated movies, or play +17 video games at the age of 10, 11, or 12, then do not even explain to them why what they are seeing is wrong, and why. Yes I used to watch those movies when I was young, but my parents were there explaining that it was entertainment and not real and why I shouldn’t act like that. Today parents use the TV as a baby sitter and do not care what their kids watch. When left to learn from violent movies and video games, and never taught any different how can we expect anything else from them.

Today people let the government tell them how to feel, think and behave, our government can’t even make themselves behave or act right, how can they tell me how to. I believe even if we had no laws, none, but we had parents who teach their children right from wrong, that are involved in their children’s lives, who spend time with and just talk to their children , we would not be in the state we are right now. I don’t have to have a law tell me that murder is illegal, I know it’s wrong and I teach my daughter that, I know violence is not always the answer, and I teach her that also, but I also teach her to defend herself so that if someone does or tries to do harm her she can defend herself.

In this country it is perfectly legal to kill a fetus, and call it an abortion, and society is good with that. Yet to kill a murderer who tortured, raped and then killed their victims, is a crime against all humanity. When a deranged evil man commits a crime, society places the blame for his actions on an inanimate object, and punishes the law-abiding citizens who did nothing wrong.

We have gone from a country of self-responsibility and self-control, to a country of blame everyone but the person who is wrong. We reward the lazy, food stamps, welfare, free phones, and we punish the hard worker trying to make a better life for themselves and their family, higher taxes and more regulation.

I fully believe that taking religion and God away from our everyday lives, and becoming a blame everyone else culture are the reasons we are where we are. People are no longer teaching their children right from wrong, they teach their children they are entitled to everything with out working for anything. We have people saying religion is evil and we need to abolish it, yet I find nothing wrong with teaching morals, and right from wrong. All religion does is give a person something to believe in that is bigger than one person, and when we all believe that there is something better than doing only for ourselves and start doing for everyone, we will continue to decline and become a more criminal, violent society.