Stop Appeasing Muslims

Ladies and Gentlemen I have been gone for awhile, but now I’m back, and with a message no true blooded American will disagree with- STOP APPEASING MUSLIMS. Sharia law IS NOT compatible with the US Constitution, and Islam IS NOT compatible with any civilization. If you did not realize on September 11, 2001 that Muslims are not our friends you are blind. Islam is not a religion, it is a terrorist ideology, and it propagates child rape and murder. If the founding tenets of your religion are that everyone who is not of your religion or anyone who leave your religion must be murdered, then you deserve neither recognition nor acceptance. We do not have to accept out right murder or assault to “coexist” with you.
There was a time when we, the US, would not tolerate these actions against our allies, when we would go to war to stop this from happening to our allies, that is no longer the case. Today our government no longer stops the whole sale slaughter of innocents, today the government is aiding and abetting these atrocities. Today instead of working against those who are wreaking havoc and spreading evil, the government, lead by the president are working hand in hand with those evil doers, and they are not even hiding it, from giving tanks and fighter aircraft to a terrorist regime in Egypt, to allowing Iran to procure the equipment to build nuclear weapons, to partnering with the Muslim Brotherhood putting together a political party here in the US, the same Muslim Brotherhood that has been labeled a terrorist organization by most legitimate Middle Eastern governments, including Saudi Arabia, and they would know terrorists being one of the largest sponsors of terrorism. This has gone far beyond turning a blind eye to terrorist regimes, and is now becoming out right traitorous and treasonous.
Have we forgotten the lessons taught to the world by our grandfathers in WWII and their fathers in WWI, that we will do what ever is necessary to rid the world of evil, travelling where ever that evil exists and staying for as long as necessary to stop it? Have we forgotten, that we have been at war with these animals for almost a decade and a half? Forgotten that we have lost so many brave men and women, not only in combat, but in those cowardly attacks on 9/11? I haven’t and I will not allow my fellow Americans to forget.
We must stop appeasing these animals, we must show them they can not murder, rape, and assault us or our allies any longer. We can not sit by and allow our government to continue this policy of appeasement and apology for these cowardly and fatal attacks, that has allowed the Islamic extremists to gain the courage to carry out more attacks, like those we have seen in Paris the last two days, and the lone wolf attacks we have been seeing around the world, including the beheading in Oklahoma. It has also left the door open for more brazen attacks on our own soil, such as the ambush and murder of two NYPD Officers.
The only thing Islamic extremists understand is power, and until we show them we have the power to stop them and the will to do that, they will only continue to grow bolder and these attacks will become more frequent and more deadly.
We must stop allowing the media to portray these criminals as anything other than what they are, we must stop allowing our government to tell us this is not the fault of the terrorists, and that we must accept them and bring them into our culture, it has already been shown they can not live in peace with us, they don’t want to live in peace, they want to rule us, they want to bring about a Global Caliphate and wipe out everyone who does not agree with that. This ideology is not compatible with any other, and it will not be. They will never stop until we destroy them or they destroy us, and this is being made easier by the global policy of appeasement, and it needs to stop NOW.