Land Of The Freeloader

There was a time in the United States when people worked for what they had, when men would work any job rather than take a dime from the government, a time when being on welfare was an embarrassment not a career choice. There was a time when we had pride in ourselves and took hand ups not hand outs. What happened?

Today people are proud to be on welfare, instead of working they sit at home and collect money paid for by the taxes of those not too lazy to work. They brag about how the government gives them “free” money to buy drugs, cars, jewelry, tattoos, and cell phones, all while their babies re at home starving because they traded their food stamps for crack. Women sit at home and pop out multiple kids all with different fathers, none of whom pay a dime in child support, or even have jobs to pay taxes to pay for the welfare check their baby momma gets, and these women do it to get more “free” money from the government.

In the past 20 years we went from The Land Of The Free, to The Land Of The Freeloader, how could we, as the once great and proud nation have let this happen? When did society decide it was more acceptable to be lazy societal leaches, who drain the economy and the country, rather than productive citizens who enhance society, the economy and the country? Why would we let this happen and not stop it?

It seems today more people want free stuff, or to not have to work for what they get than there have ever been, why? Now to make it easier to get money for nothing websites like have been created, where anyone can beg everyone in the world for money. I have seen these sites set up for women who want plastic surgery, or for people who want to take vacations and have others pay for it. This just adds to the entitlement society the government created. Having websites like this does nothing to help people, it only offers them a much easier way to reach many more people, and it also gives scammers an easy way to reach a whole bigger audience and scam that many more people.

This entitlement attitude does nothing for the quality of the country, it only destroys the country, erodes the economy and breeds class division among our citizens. When did we stop being The Land Of The Free, and become The Land Of The Freeloader?


Stop Appeasing Muslims

Ladies and Gentlemen I have been gone for awhile, but now I’m back, and with a message no true blooded American will disagree with- STOP APPEASING MUSLIMS. Sharia law IS NOT compatible with the US Constitution, and Islam IS NOT compatible with any civilization. If you did not realize on September 11, 2001 that Muslims are not our friends you are blind. Islam is not a religion, it is a terrorist ideology, and it propagates child rape and murder. If the founding tenets of your religion are that everyone who is not of your religion or anyone who leave your religion must be murdered, then you deserve neither recognition nor acceptance. We do not have to accept out right murder or assault to “coexist” with you.
There was a time when we, the US, would not tolerate these actions against our allies, when we would go to war to stop this from happening to our allies, that is no longer the case. Today our government no longer stops the whole sale slaughter of innocents, today the government is aiding and abetting these atrocities. Today instead of working against those who are wreaking havoc and spreading evil, the government, lead by the president are working hand in hand with those evil doers, and they are not even hiding it, from giving tanks and fighter aircraft to a terrorist regime in Egypt, to allowing Iran to procure the equipment to build nuclear weapons, to partnering with the Muslim Brotherhood putting together a political party here in the US, the same Muslim Brotherhood that has been labeled a terrorist organization by most legitimate Middle Eastern governments, including Saudi Arabia, and they would know terrorists being one of the largest sponsors of terrorism. This has gone far beyond turning a blind eye to terrorist regimes, and is now becoming out right traitorous and treasonous.
Have we forgotten the lessons taught to the world by our grandfathers in WWII and their fathers in WWI, that we will do what ever is necessary to rid the world of evil, travelling where ever that evil exists and staying for as long as necessary to stop it? Have we forgotten, that we have been at war with these animals for almost a decade and a half? Forgotten that we have lost so many brave men and women, not only in combat, but in those cowardly attacks on 9/11? I haven’t and I will not allow my fellow Americans to forget.
We must stop appeasing these animals, we must show them they can not murder, rape, and assault us or our allies any longer. We can not sit by and allow our government to continue this policy of appeasement and apology for these cowardly and fatal attacks, that has allowed the Islamic extremists to gain the courage to carry out more attacks, like those we have seen in Paris the last two days, and the lone wolf attacks we have been seeing around the world, including the beheading in Oklahoma. It has also left the door open for more brazen attacks on our own soil, such as the ambush and murder of two NYPD Officers.
The only thing Islamic extremists understand is power, and until we show them we have the power to stop them and the will to do that, they will only continue to grow bolder and these attacks will become more frequent and more deadly.
We must stop allowing the media to portray these criminals as anything other than what they are, we must stop allowing our government to tell us this is not the fault of the terrorists, and that we must accept them and bring them into our culture, it has already been shown they can not live in peace with us, they don’t want to live in peace, they want to rule us, they want to bring about a Global Caliphate and wipe out everyone who does not agree with that. This ideology is not compatible with any other, and it will not be. They will never stop until we destroy them or they destroy us, and this is being made easier by the global policy of appeasement, and it needs to stop NOW.

The Legacy of That Fateful Day

9-11-memorial-never-forget-2I was out running errands today, going to the VA hospital, and the grocery store, and I was filled with pride and wonder. I looked around and people were going about there normal lives, shopping, going to and from work, going to the post office, going to the doctor, talking to friends and families, just living their lives. I thought about what happened 13 years ago, the cowardly act carried out by terrorists who hated us because of our freedoms, and sought to destroy us, and cause fear that would cripple us, and seeing this today, everyone going about their normal business, I was filled with pride that the terrorists failed.
I was filled with pride at seeing how after these animals tried to knock us to our knees, we got brushed off the dirt and collectively said, “Is that all you got?” And we came together as a country to help our families, friends and neighbors, and to help people we didn’t even know, but they were our neighbors, they may have lived across town, or across the country, but they were United States citizens, and they were in trouble, and everyone came together to help. In what the terrorists thought would be our downfall, turned out this was our shining moment.
Today as I was watching everyone go about their business, and running errands, I was full of pride that we took what happened, shook it off, took care of our fellow Americans, then we showed the terrorists they could not knock down the Spirit that was the American people. And now today 13 years later, we remember, we will never forget, never forget the hurt and pain that tragedy has wrought, we will never forget the rage we felt at the audacity of those terrorists to attack us on our home soil, we will never forget how we came together as a community and a country to show them we will not live in fear.

Never Forget 9-11

As the anniversary of the deadliest attack on American soil comes around we need to remember the sacrifices of those affected by this cowardly act. We need to remember those who died in the attack, and those left to carry on without them, Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Grandparents, and Friends. There were some heroes on this day also, and we need to celebrate their lives and their final heroic feat, and those were the passengers on Flight 93 who rather than sit back and wait for the terrorists to crash the plane, attacked those terrorists and forced a crash landing in an open field in Pennsylvania, saving countless of innocent lives where ever the terrorists were set on crashing. We also need to remember those who headed the call of a country under attack and left their loved ones here at home to hunt down and bring justice to those who perpetrated this evil on us.

September 11, 2001 was the worst, most deadly attack to ever happen on American soil, it was carried out by cowardly terrorists, who hate us for being the greatest nation on the planet. These cowards attacked innocent civilians, with the thought we would accept it and not strike back, they were wrong, they tested our resolve, and they failed. Our President George W. Bush found out who they were and then he attacked them, he brought the wrath of the world finest Military down on them. Our Warriors did not hesitate when duty called, they said goodbye to everyone, and everything they loved, boarded a plane and went after the terrorists responsible for this, and after 13 years they still fight, they still hunt these animals down. Our Military men and women have borne the brunt of this war with the honor and dignity we come to expect of them, they truly are the worlds greatest army, I count myself blessed to have been among them, to have been able to go to war for my country and defend her, and all my fellow Americans, especially my family.

As this most solemn of occasions approaches, please take a moment to remember those who went off to war and never came back, those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

John 15:13 KJV

This bible passage means so much to me, I know the pain of losing friends to war, and I know none of them would have changed a thing, even if they had known what would happen. I am lucky to have known these men, and I think about their families almost everyday, the pain they have gone through having lost a loved one makes my pain pale in comparison. But I would not trade away this pain for anything.

I ask only this, please take a moment this week, and especially on Thursday September 11, to remember all those and their families who have sacrificed in the Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC, those who chose rather than being a pawn to the terrorists chose to go down in a blaze of glory in that field in Shanksville Pennsylvania, and those who willingly sacrificed in the war to destroy our enemies and keep us all safe.


Dark Times Are Here

We have entered a dark time, we have illegal aliens invading our country with the blessing of the president, the president also willfully brought the Ebola virus here in the form of 2 sick volunteers from Africa, the president again put us in danger by not cancelling or relocating to a place outside the US the African summit held earlier this week. It seems the person who should be doing the most to protect the country is doing the exact opposite.

Our southern border is wide open, and the Border Patrol is being hog tied by the government. The Border patrol is not allowed to do their job and enforce our borders, and the result is 50,000 illegal aliens, many of them carrying diseases, among them criminals including gang members from the notoriously dangerous MS-13 gang, and many middle eastern, we must believe that there are terrorist and Jihadists among them. Ranchers along the southern border especially in Texas have been finding Islamic items to include prayer rugs and beads, and translation dictionaries in Urdu,which is spoken in Pakistan, and Dari, which is spoken in Afghanistan. This is not immigration it is an invasion, designed by the president to force his failed immigration policy, and to bring in tens of thousands of new democrat voters. These illegal aliens are avoiding the medical screening required to legally enter the country and they are carrying disease, such as scabies, chicken pox, small pox, and tuberculosis. This is a nation security matter and the democrats are crying and complaining that the republicans will not allow them to just grant citizenship to the illegals. This is not about immigration, it is about the democrats staying in power, nothing else.

There was an outbreak of Ebola in 3 African nations, thousands sick, and between 50 and 90% will die, even with medical attention. Two American volunteers to Liberia contracted the deadly virus, and instead of quarantining them there and sending a medical team from the CDC to them, the president decided to bring them here. Ebola virus that is able to be transmitted to humans has never been here, yes there were some macaques in Reston Virginia that had contracted a strain of Ebola, but that strain was not transmissible to humans. Now we have two confirmed cases and last I checked two possible cases, one in New York City and the other in Ohio. There is no cure and there is no vaccine, why would the leader of a country do that to his citizens?

Earlier this week the leaders of 50 African nations descended on Washington DC for an African summit, why? Why did the president allow them to come here? Why not postpone the summit or relocate it? With Africa in the grips of the worst Ebola outbreak in history, the president allowed the leaders into our country, why would he take such a risk?

These are not the actions of someone trying to protect his country, on the contrary these are the acts of someone willfully trying to destroy his country. These are dark times in our country, we are losing our freedoms and being attacked from with in.


The Threat Is Real

You may have heard about the two Americans who contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia last week. You may have also heard that the president has authorized a medical evacuation for both of them to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta to be treated. The first of those, Dr Kent Brantly, arrived in Atlanta today, August 2nd 2014. The other one, Nancy Writebol, will arrive in the next few days. This is the first time Ebola has been in the states.

So answer me this why then on April 8th 2014, 5 months ago, did congress get briefed, after the fact by the way, that National Guard units in all 50 states have been given biological identification kits, which are used to detect the Ebola virus.

Why were these kits fielded in National Guard units in the states and not in active Army units overseas that might actually come in contact with the virus. If the DoD was as worried about Ebola coming into the US they would have given these units to the TSA at the airports, where it might actually do some good instead of with National Guard units who aren’t involved with screening inbound travelers to the US? Who are the National Guard going to use these kits on, and why?

Ladies and gentlemen the threat is here, and the threat is real.


Another Slap In The Face To US Veterans

As if shutting the World War II Veterans out of their monuments wasn’t enough Obama has out done himself this time. He named a German General as head of American forces in Europe, and not just any German General, he appointed Gen. Markus Laubenthal, who used to command the 12th Panzer Brigade. You don’t know who the 12th Panzer Brigade is? That’s not surprising, because what is now the 12th Panzer Brigade was originally called the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth). It was a Wafen SS Armored Division.

That’s right folks he just named the commander of a unit that traces its history to Hitler’s SS. Not only was this unit part of Hitler’s dreaded SS, it also fought against American units at Normandy on D-Day, and at the Battle of the Bulge. So in one fell swoop not only did he just slap the face of every American General Officer hoping to get that post to advance their career, he again slapped every WWII Veteran in the face.

This is not the action of a leader folks, this is the act of a traitor. He just gave a foreign officer access to everything we have, all our defense secrets, tactics, command structures, and control of all of our forces in Europe.  Not only is he weakening our military by cutting the defense budget, but now he is giving control of American military to a foreigner.

“‘Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent Alliances, with any portion of the foreign world.” George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

Well Obama just formed a permanent alliance with a foreign government. This is could be the beginning of the end of our nation, this could be the first major step towards the New World Order, unless we stop it.

The Design Of Death

When you find something you have no control over, can’t stop, and can’t get rid of once you catch it, you generally stay away from it. When you find this and it is nowhere near where you live, you generally don’t bring it into your house. Unless you want to destroy your house.

In April there was an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the African country of Guinea. Ebola Virus Disease, or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, has no known cure, and a mortality rate of between 50% and 90%. The virus quickly spread from Guinea to Liberia and Sierra Leone, and the World Health Organization is saying the virus is spreading faster than their attempts to stop it.

Aid workers and volunteers have been evacuated before they can get infected, the evacuation came too late for an American Doctor, Dr. Kent Brantly and an American volunteer, Nancy Writebol, who both contracted the disease. Instead of sending a medical team to Africa to treat the infected patients, the government is flying them to be treated here in the US. An experimental serum was delivered to Liberia to treat Nancy, Dr. Brantly declined to take the medicine instead insisted on giving it to her. This is only an experimental drug, and they only have one dose, quite interesting that they could only make one dose isn’t it?

Next week the US is hosting an US/African leader summit in Washington DC, and there will be leaders with large entourages from, Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, the countries currently being devastated by the Ebola Virus. President Obama said he will not cancel or relocate the summit, because the leaders will be screened prior to the summit. The problem with that is the Ebola Virus can infect a host for up to 21 days without symptoms. So even if the delegates are screened there is a possibility they can still be carrying the virus.

Why would a country’s leader, who is tasked with the care of the citizens, invite such a danger into his country? Why would anyone take that risk? Especially when we have had in the recent past just found in a federal lab, over 300 vials of  bacteria and viruses, such as dengue fever, small pox, influenza and Rickettsia, and just last month California lost control of an illegal alien with drug resistant Tuberculosis. This country’s track record as of late with dealing with diseases and carriers of diseases is abysmal to say the least.

There is no reason to introduce a risk such as this into an area that was never in any danger of facing this disease naturally. If this disease got out into the general public it could spread like wild-fire, why even chance that? The government has already shown its disdain for the citizens of this country, and they have already placed the citizens in danger by ignoring the very laws it swore an oath to uphold. Is it so far of a jump to think they might be bringing it here for a more sinister reason? Could this be the death of our nation? Could this all be by design?  The design of death?

I Stand With Israel

There is happening right now a fight, a fight for the very survival of an entire society. Right now Israel is not only fighting to retain its country, it is fighting to save the entire Jewish people.The Palestinians and Hamas is not fighting for land, they are not fighting for resources, their sole purpose in life is the same as Hitler’s was during World War II, the destruction of the Jewish people.

The Jewish people have been the most persecuted people in history, and they should not be expected to sit there and be harassed, bullied, and watch their children and women killed by Palestinian and Hamas terrorist attacks. Every person on the earth has the right to self-defense, and the Jewish people have done everything they can to try and solve this peacefully. They have offered up cease fires and peace offerings, which Palestine and Hamas has repeatedly out right refused or violated. Well enough is enough, the Israelis can only take so much before they defend themselves.

I stand behind Israel, I stand behind their right to self-defense, I stand behind their right to protect their country, I stand behind their right to protect their children, I stand behind their right to protect their existence. I STAND BEHIND ISRAEL.

The Fall Of The Last Great Nation

First thing I want to say about the current conditions of the world is that Romney was right, he said this would happen if Obama continued to press his flawed policies on us. This current crisis in Ukraine shows just how flawed Obama was in dismissing Russia as potential global threat. Those who voted for Obama a second time made this happen, all the innocent people who have been harmed by the acts of Russia and the terrorist states in the middle east is on their heads. They voted for free stuff over freedom and enabled this failure of an administration to continue.

The reality of what is happening is The United States is on the brink of failure. We are the path to failure purely due to the incompetent individual in the White House, and his cronies. No leader that truly wants the best for their country would do half of what Obama now does, or allows to be done under his authority. The current administration is willfully trying to destroy the US, as evidenced by the continuing downsizing of our military, even in the face of a stronger China and Russia, the allowing of all these illegal aliens to invade our country, the failure to protect Ambassador Stevens, and the all out funding and arming of the Muslim Brotherhood, which even Islamic states have labeled a terrorist organization

Every despotic leader is now doing what they wanted to do all along, but couldn’t because we had the will and the might to stop them, now we don’t and our military is getting weaker. It is being gutted from the inside by our very own Commander In Chief, and everyone knows it. Through our presidents flawed foreign policy it is now fair game on Israel, our only true ally in the world, who Obama pretty much told to kick rocks, and the Russians, starting with Ukraine, are trying to get back every country they lost when the soviet union fell. The Russians have sanctioned the slaughter of innocent civilians when the separatists they armed shot down a civilian plane carrying 23 American citizens. Which instead of forcing accountability on the Russians, our president is fundraising and going on a planned vacation.

This would be tragic enough if it was the first time our president has done this, but sadly it is not. September 11. 2012, Libya, Ambassador Christopher Stevens calls for help as Islamic militants swarm the Embassy Annex in Benghazi. The president refuses to send help, instead he goes to bed and the next day he flies to Las Vegas to attend a star-studded fundraising gala, all while Ambassador Stevens, analyst Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were fighting for their lives, a fight which they all lost. And again this past June, when Neftali, Frenkel, an American citizen,  was kidnapped in Israel by Hamas. On June 26, he was found murdered, and what does Obama do? He tells Israel to proceed with caution, and does nothing to help bring the murderers to justice.

Obama has also undone everything our country has stood for in one fell swoop when he negotiated with, no it wasn’t negotiation, he gave the Taliban everything they wanted.He released five top Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay detention center for one American Soldier. Who by all accounts is at the very least a deserter, and at the worst a traitor who committed treason and is responsible for the death of at least six American Soldiers. At the very least this has emboldened our enemies to kidnap American citizens, knowing that the longer they hold them the more Obama will give them in exchange for their prisoner. One can only wonder if this was what led to the kidnapping of Neftali by Hamas. I guess we will never know.

What we do know is that it is apparent that our current president and his cronies are the ones facilitating the demise of our country, and if we don’t do something soon we will for ever lose the last great nation the world has known and become another 3rd world hell hole. Without the US being willing or able to aid other nations in their own defense, the world will fall into a Dystopian nightmare it will be almost impossible to wake up from.